Troiareuke Aesthetic Starter Kit Review ft StyleKorean

My skin has had a tough battle with this weather we are currently having in the UK, but despite that, I've been putting products from Troiareuke to the test so I think it's about time for a review. I was lucky enough to receive this Troiareuke Aesthetic Starter Kit from StyleKorean as part of their #TryMeReviewMe campaign, however, every thought and opinion in this post is my own and how I truly feel about the products.

The first of the products was the Acsen Oil Cut Cleansing. With a gel-like formula, I was happy trying it out again since I'm sure I've read how gel based cleansers are good for oily skin, which I have been especially in this heatwave we are having. We all know how I am with cleansers by now, that I can never truly tell if they are a miracle product or not due to how many things affect my skin but this one definitely bumped itself a few places up on my favourite skincare products list for a few reasons. One it definitely didn't irritate my skin. I've realised over the last couple of months that my skin type leans more to the sensitive side of things, and that when I was not focusing on that, might have been the reason why my skin was so bad for a period of time, so with this product not causing my face to breakout gets it a big thumbs up. Two and something I've not noticed in many cleansers, after I used this though of course my acne didn't magically disappear the skin around it looked good. Like REALLY good! Like not the harsh red it can be after washing my face. I have no idea why it worked like this since many other cleansers don't do this but after every use I'm happy with the skin under the acne and I haven't been like that in a long time.

The next product from this box left me a bit confused at first. The Healing Cocktail Skin Complex Formula and Ampule is not one I've seen before. Of course I've used toners before but the fact you had the extra ampule bottle sent me on a hunt to look up what it was. The ampule works by focusing on one skin concern that you have, with different types being able to be mixed in with the toner spray to give you different results. At first I was worried about this product since the green ampule is focused on moisture for the skin, and considering how oily my skin had gotten over the few weeks before I received these products I was some what reluctant putting more moisture on my face. However I had nothing to worry about! This has left my face feeling amazing after using it. My face is left refreshed and happy, and possibly less oily than it would have been. If possible one day I would love to try the other ampule versions off this since they have one focused on acne and one on pigmentation which I would like to know how they effect my skin, partially the acne one.

The last of the products was the Acsen Recovery Cream. This is the sort of product you could definitely use as just a spot treatment, like you would a serum however I've been using this as a full face moisturiser. One of my favourite feature's of this product like the others before it is the smell, I'm still not totally sure of what it reminds me of but I think it is some what like kids medicine but not completely, I should really not try describing scents when I have no idea. This cream is giving a good fight against my skin at the moment and though not winning completely its not giving up against how bad my skin has been breaking out due to heatwave and the excess oily my face creates. It's definitely helping some what and I can wait for the temperature to fall back down to our typical level so I can truly see how well this product can recover my skin.

I've really enjoyed using these products. What would make them better was if I knew if they were cruelty-free. I'm not completely sure on the topic so I don't want to go stating facts but if I do find out in the future I will be sure to share. Or if anyone knows please let myself and anyone else who reads this in the comments below.

- Sophie

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