To Share Or Not To Share

How much I share online and offline is always something that is more to the front of my mind rather than the back. Even more so these last couple of weeks where I've been contemplating creating and sharing a facebook page for my blog.

Some bloggers get some really good engagement through facebook and I've been wondering if the same could happen to me, however, I've run into the dilemma of my two worlds colliding. Of all my social media accounts facebook is the one that is mostly used to keep in contact with people in my offline world. Be that family, friends and even those people at school who weren't exactly the nicest of people, it's where I have them all saved as friends even if we haven't spoken in up to five years or more. So to link my blog to that all seems somewhat terrifying.

As much as sharing my online self with those offline makes me pause and doubt everything, sharing my offline world with those online feels much easier to do. I have friends I've made that I don't mind bringing into my offline world, more than those few that I've brought offline into my online world. As much as I want to say how strange it should be that this is the case, it really doesn't come as much as a shock as it seems to be the same for many people. The pressure of judgement, though always there in either world, doesn't seem as real in the online world as compared to facing it in the offline world.

But still, there's a line of how much we all share. And where is that line drawn?

For myself, I feel like the line is moving somewhat to let people from both sides cross over, opening a small door that only they can fit through. Though I've yet to meet anyone from online offline, there are some people who I really get along with who I'd love to meet in person sometime in the future [she says even though if it ever happened would still be an anxious mess], I've definitely brought some people from my offline world online, from my family to my close friends. It kind of gets hard to hide blogging from my family when I've got my camera and tripod set up in the garden taking outfit photos. Plus having those extra people that can help me with photos be that taking them or choosing the best edit can be rather helpful.

I'm really not sure where I'm going with this post, I kind of just needed to write it out to sort out my thoughts and get all of your opinions on how much we should share online, and still I can't seem to get everything I want to say into words that make coherent sentences. Plus I'm trying to get over the fear of people from school finding my blog and persuading myself to share the facebook page I've made for this blog.

The fear of people and judgement is one I might always have, but I'm definitely trying to get over it even if I'm slow to do so. I have a habit of doing things slow anyway.

Let me know any of your own opinions related to this ramble of a blog post, be that similar to mine or completely different.

- Sophie

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