Styling Maxi Dresses For The Summer ft Boohoo

boohoo maxi dress

I've only ever owned one maxi-dress before, so when Boohoo challenged me to style one of their dresses for summer from their maxi-dress section on their website I was so for it.

So on Wednesday when one of my friends from university travelled down to see me we took a walk in the woods and snapped a few photos of how I would wear a maxi dress.

The dress I'm styling in this post is the Nicole Hammered Satin Button Maxi Dress in the colour Tan. This was a dress in a really different colour than what I normally pick out, I normally stick to blacks and blues, but seeing how this was looking on the model I just kind of had to try it out. Probably not the best way to go about online shopping but it worked in my favour this time.

I kept the look for this pretty simple as I think is the way to go when you're wearing a maxi dress. If we ignore the watch and black hair tie that don't really leave my wrists the planned additions to this gorgeous maxi dress was the heeled black boots and the layered necklace. The gold coloured necklace is a piece I don't really wear much since I stick to my silver jewellery more but it compliments the tan tone of the dress so well.

This photo shoot was actually massive for me since I really don't go out in anything other than long trousers for my bottom half. The last time I went out in a dress in public [not counting blog photos in my back garden] was probably my year 11 prom 3 years ago. So I stepped way out of my comfort zone to walk around my local area, but I'm glad I did because I don't think these photos would have turned out half as good if I took them in my back garden.

Are any of you fans of maxi-dresses? How would you style one? I'd love to see!

- Sophie

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*This item was kindly gifted to me by Boohoo