One Item, Three Outfits

This is a post I've wanted to have a go at for some time now. I've seen this sort of 'challenge' here and there on the world wide web and wanted to see what I could to do with one item of clothing.

So for this post I thought I would style this black dress three different ways that I would think of making it slightly different.

The first of the three looks is very Korean inspired I feel. If you went to my pinterest style inspiration board you'd most likely see quite a few like this.

Just a simple t-shirt underneath and a simple pair of black shoes with a slight heel, gives the dress a completely different vibe than it would otherwise be on it's own, and honestly feels more me like this than the solo dress.

The second outfit is made from adding this red off the shoulder shirt. If you read my Yesstyle Haul from early this year you would have seen this top feature then and since then has been one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe. In these pictures I've tied the front if it up with a hair elastic to make sure my waist is not swamped in the otherwise oversized shirt. I feel like red it such a good contrast colour to wear with red, and put on those heels [boots] and the look is finished.

The final of the three looks is one a bit more casual. Just slinging on a jacket of some kind tones down the otherwise very out there dress. Honestly what could go wrong with adding a denim jacket to an outfit, it's one of my favourite pieces to add to an outfit to finish it up nicely.

It would have been nice if the weather could chose one type to be on the day I took these photos, but the sun was in and out all day, so if the shadows look slightly different from picture to picture that's why.

How would you style a dress like the one I'm wearing here?

- Sophie

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