Another month, another bullet journal spread.

You all seemed to enjoy reading my June Bullet Journal Spread so I thought I would bring it back for a July instalment.

I'm actually having so much fun designing my bullet journal. Okay, I might have had one week where I really couldn't be bothered in writing it all out but I really didn't get much done that week anyway so it doesn't really matter.

This month I added a few more pages to my bullet journal. In June I kept it simple with a few pages just to get my head around things I might need and what I would like to add. But since then I've added a monthly goals page, a 30-days challenge page [trying to get in the routine of exercising since I'm so lazy when it comes to moving about] and a full page habit tracker. I thought I would change my habit tracker to a full page this month to see how it goes, and plus then I can work out when in a month I'm more likely to do certain tasks to then be better prepared in the future.

I'm actually loving the theme I've got going on this month if I do say so myself. Watermelons are one of my favourite fruits, even possibly number one, so when I took to Pinterest to look for inspiration for July and saw other people using them I knew it was a done deal.

I've invested a bit more as well into my bullet journal over the last month, with washi tape and Tombow calligraphy pens. These things are amazing, like seriously why didn't I buy the pens before! I've finally been able to create a font that I love.

I'm not going to write much else for this post, but if any of you also have a bullet journal I'd love to see pictures of it!

- Sophie

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