Mask Time May Glow Setter Box Review

Korean sheet masks

By now I'm sure we've all realised how much I enjoy skincare, particularly any Korean skincare. And of that one of my favourite parts of any skincare routine is a good sheet mask. But as it is, it can be relatively tricky to find any or get any shipped here to the UK without the huge shipping fees. So when I discovered Mask Time I was over the moon.

Mask Time subscription box

[This box was kindly gifted to me from the people at Mask Time but all opinions in this post are my own]

Before I get into how I've found this box how about a little bit about Mask Time...

Mask Time is a funky Korean sheet mask subscription service, the latest trends in sheet masks plus added goodies delivered straight to your door each month! Inside your box, you will find 8 - 10 masks and maybe a bonus beauty item! Also included is your ‘Masking Guide’ which has all the details of each mask and how to apply. [Taken from the Mask Time website]

This box is such a great idea! Eight to ten different sheet masks each month. It has been great for the fact I've been trying to test out a wider variety of products this year trying to find something that works wonders on my skin. The other night I tried the Innisfree one out of this box aimed at oily skin, trying to save my skin somewhat from the excess oily produced in this heat we are having in the UK, and I must say it worked pretty well even on my period skin which likes to destroy any of the good progress I might have been having with my skin.

I quite enjoy as well that the masks are not just suited to one skin type. Though this might not be great for people who have their skin type sussed out already, for people like me who either have no idea what their skin is up to or skin changes how it wants to behave it can be a great way to experiment and try and find your favourite. Also with this amount of masks, I've been able to increase the number of pampering sessions I have a week which has not only been good for my skin but my mood as well, hello hormones I'm talking to you.

So if you are looking for a new subscription box to try or looking to try out a variety of sheet masks you should definitely have a look at Mask Time. Plus there are two sizes of boxes, one like this one or the Glow Starter box which has around four sheet masks to try instead of around nine, meaning you can find one that suits you better.

Have any of you found your favourite sheet mask or pamper product yet?

- Sophie

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