If you follow me on twitter you'd know the other week I asked for inspiration for starting a bullet journal, and you didn't fail me!

I've been wanting to start a bullet journal for years but never did for multiple reasons such as the actual journal being way too expensive for my liking. But when I found this one for under three pounds I thought why not. If I don't keep it up that I haven't wasted too much and if I do keep it going well I can then invest more into it in the future.

Since this is my first time making a bullet journal I didn't really know what to put in it, and what sort of things I wanted to keep track of so the start of this month's spread is rather short. I figured it might be best to go for a week to week spread since I never really know what I'm doing in a month in advance and I'm very good at changing my mind quickly.

I kept most things simple with a habit tracker, which I had been using but on loose pieces of paper pinned to my notice board before, my goals for the week and a week spread of the days, which at the moment is probably going to be used more for planning blog posts than anything else since I really don't have anything planned for the summer holidays yet.

This is only the start of my bullet journal journey so it's not too adventurous. Hopefully, with time I'll be able to make the pages look like the ones on Pinterest and Instagram.

Have any of you got bullet journals? What sort of pens/stationery do you use for it?

- Sophie

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