Collection Glam Crystals Liquid Eyeshadow Review

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It's been awhile since I last wrote a make-up product review, but I hope you all still like reading them.

I discovered the Collection Glam Crystals Liquid Eyeshadows through Lucy's blog, Forever September, where she mentioned how they were a dupe of the Stila liquid eyeshadows. The Stila liquid eyeshadows were something I had been eyeing up for a while but were always and still are priced at a higher price than I would spend on one piece of makeup.

So as you do when you go to town, I treated myself to this and some other pieces of makeup too.

I've worn this eyeshadow a maximum of three times so far. And for someone who has kind of fallen out of doing makeup over the last months to a year I've really enjoyed the simple but put together looks I can create with it.

The one I picked out is in the shade Divine*, which is a gorgeous dusty pink with silver shimmers run through it.

The consistency of the product is medium, definitely something you can blend out to be thinner or add layers too to make it more opaque. I like to have it placed on the inner corners or covering my whole eyelid to add a little something to an otherwise typically everyday smoky eye.

I have to say though, while it doesn't budge from most of my eye, or the swatch I did on my hand I had to scrub off, it does rub away along the crease of my eyelid and kind of bunches up either side when wearing it for a long time. But honestly, with the fact that I have oily eyelids and don't have any primer, this is common for me; which why I stick to just eyeliner and mascara for eye makeup most days.

I'd definitely recommend you to give these a try is you had been eyeing up liquid eyeshadows. I have yet to try any of the other shades in the range, but of them which I saw in the store, they are neutral brownish toned shimmers which I don't typically use.

Collection also gets thumbs up from me since they are cruelty-free which means I can use this liquid eyeshadow without feeling any sense of guilt.

Have you tried any of this glam crystal range yet?

- Sophie

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