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At the beginning of the year, I had decided that I was going to create this little series here on the blog about online stores and review them for you all since I know they can be helpful when debating to buy anything off them. Alas it's halfway through the year and I'm only on the second one [the first one you can find here], but nonetheless, I'm going to keep it going even if my bank account starts to cry.

Romwe is one of those online stores that is either a hit or a miss, luckily for me it was a pretty good hit.

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Romwe review

I ordered five items, two of them being part of a two-piece set, roughly coming up to something between £20 and £25, I can't remember exactly since I ordered them quite a while ago. Despite ordering them back in April and only reviewing them now in June they actually turned up about a week after I ordered them. That I do remember since they arrived on the same day I was going back to university after the Easter break, great timing!

For all the top pieces (two crop tops and a jumper) size wise they fit pretty well, I have no problem with them at all. The trousers were a bit of a risk for me since it's never easy to find trousers for me without trying them on since neither my calves, thighs or waist are the same size, such a pain, but amazingly these do fit quite well. Bear in mind that I did go for a loose fitting, wide legged trousers and culottes. But still, I'm pleased with how they turned out for sizing.

As for the material, I'm pretty pleased with it and the quality of the overall products for the price I got all the items at. The jumper's definitely on the thin side, but I bought it knowing that in mind. I'd have to admit that the material that the two-piece is made of is thin, though perfect for hot summer or in our case this year spring days the trousers have ripped already along a seam. But for me that's pretty common since I sit crossed legged quite a lot and is easy to sew back up quickly; it's just something to keep in mind if you're someone like me and sit in a more slouched way most of the time.

The only thing I had a slight disliking to the way how the rose was stitched onto the crop top. The rose detail was actually what made me buy the top as it was a type of top I had been eyeing up for a while now. However, it wasn't stitched on neatly around the edges instead it was just what I called rushed sewing and just done in like a circle on, through and around the rose. However, considering the price and the fact that it hasn't fallen off after being through the wash multiple times and it's not obvious from a reasonable distance I'm not too bothered by that fact.

Overall I've found Romwe to be a pretty good site to use. I know some people have had bad turn outs with it, but as long as you read the reviews to see how items fit, the website does have a review of smaller/fit/bigger for each item, I think fingers crossed most people can get some amazing pieces for fraction of prices from other retailers.

If there are any pieces you would like a full look at and possibly a blog post styling it let me know!

Have you tried anything from Romwe, how did you find it? Are there any other online clothing stores I should try out?

- Sophie

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