One year down, three more to go!

In honesty, I can't quite believe how quickly this last year has gone. It's turning out to be quite true what adults told us when we were younger about time passing by far more quickly as the years went on. I look back at myself this time last year and it doesn't seem like that long ago. It doesn't feel like I've had enough time to grow and change. But looking back on this past year I'm somewhat proud of where I am now.

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Anyway back to the post...

University has been one of the biggest if even the most, challenging and exciting change I've been through this year. I've always known I've wanted to go to uni. It's always been for me that time in which you are training to be an adult. Not all the responsibilities of living by yourself but enough to start getting your head around stuff that they should have taught us in school. Add that to the fact I love learning new things it seemed the best choice for me. Now that I've been at uni a whole year that thought has still not changed. Though there have been times where it's been hard, emotionally and mentally, I'm glad I'm here. Even after sitting two physics and one maths exam all of which were three hours each.

So, how was my first year?

I have to admit Astrophysics has definitely not been the easiest subject to study. After days in and days out of struggling to get my head around topics that even physicists who have been studying this stuff for years don't even truly understand - yes quantum physics I'm looking at you - when you get that light bulb moment for even the tiniest of parts it makes it all worthwhile.

But as much as the actual subject takes up the whole of my life, it's not the only thing that university is about.

This last year I've spent the majority of it away from home, living in the uni halls. As much as I like to think I'm good at surviving by myself - cooking and cleaning are not too difficult - it's not been the easiest road. Being around people that I wasn't 100% comfortable with took it's toll on me multiple time. I've always struggled at making friends or even just communicating with other human beings, being shy and having a social phobia doesn't make it easy, which resulted in myself only making friends with two possibly three out of the total eleven other people in the same townhouse as me. Which I'd like to think as being pretty good for me, but still, there were some days okay maybe more than just some days that I would hardly leave my room, unless for food, with the thought of not really wanting to be around people.

Add this to the times during the year where I had labs etc that make me feel panicky and my mental health has definitely taken a bashing this year. However, part of me was expecting this. After following other bloggers who had been to university before me on twitter, mental health was something I knew might not survive university all that great. Nonetheless, I've ploughed through it all thanks to my friends.

University this year has brought some amazing people into my life, contrary to what I said before about not being the best at socialising. Two people who I hope will stay in my life after this year are my flatmate Carina and coursemate Leighann. Both of them are people I've clicked with so well, in every aspect, from my fashion sense, my love for BTS and my mental health. I feel like the only thing that has kept my mental health in tacked are these two. From Leighann making sure I was comfortable around people, to Carina who actually listened to me when we spoke about the origins of our troubles. I just hope these two will put up with me during the second year.

Overall, the first year though had its ups and downs has ended without much drama and on a good note. I might still be unsure how well the exams went and I don't want to say too much on it to anyone in case I jinx something but that's only one thing out of the whole university experience.

Let the second year bring more adventures and chances to challenge myself!

- Sophie

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