S/S18 Wishlist

It has been a while since I sat and wrote a wish list. My last one was back in Autumn, that you can totally check out some time here. But since it's now spring, even if the weather doesn't completely agree, and I've just had my birthday, time to treat myself I think, I thought I put all my ideas into one place.

I've realised over the years that despite trying to add a variety of clothes more suited to the spring and summer to my wardrobe, I always seem to revert back to the more autumn and winter season clothing; with just far fewer layers. However, this year there has been something that has caught my eye. Pink denim or corduroy jackets. I think it was my flatmate Carina who first mentioned these sort of jackets out to me, saying she thought I would suit them, and to be honest I agree. Though I'm picky on what shade of pink I like, I think pale or baby pink would suit myself best, I would love to pick one up in the near future. Plus it doesn't get overly warm here in England for long periods of time normally so a jacket always seems to be a good idea.

Other things I've put on my wishlist are jeans and trousers. Okay I know they aren't the most 'summery' kind of clothing but hear me out. I'm looking for a lighter pair of trousers or more baggy jeans, something that won't stick to me when it does warm up a bit more. As strange as it sounds I tend to wear long trousers all year round, my legs are what I'm least confident in, and trying to find any kind of trousers that I won't melt it would be amazing. These checked pairs of joggers from Asos look like they could fit the bill.

Shoes, shoes and more shoes. Honestly, I have most of the basics in my wardrobe now, or at least enough so I have more than 2 outfit combinations. However, when we get to shoes that's where the loophole starts. Frankly I really only live in one pair of shoes, my converses! And as much as I love them I always feel my outfits are missing something once you look at my feet. I do have other shoes but they have heels and when you running around between lectures they don't make them the most ideal shoe choice. Though boots might not be the first choice for summer, a pair like these ankle boots from Boohoo seems like they could be a perfect fit for maybe a more wet day. And for the more sunny days, something more light like these espadrilles from Asos would be ideal.

Granted this is not the most full-on S/S wishlist, but I feel it's true to who I am and the style I'm trying to convert from an idea into reality.

I'm always looking for more inspiration when it comes to what to wear, so what's on your fashion wishlists at the moment, I'd love to hear.

- Sophie

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