Current Evening Skincare Routine

I made it a goal this year to slowly start working on my skincare routine and find something that works well for my skin. Though it still isn't perfect, at the moment this has been working for me, so I thought I would share it before the products run out. Plus hopefully, I can get some ideas for replacements for some of these products since not all of them are cruelty-free.

In the evening, my routine most of the time starts with the Heimish All Clean Balm if I'm wearing makeup that day; which for the majority of the time is every day but the weekend. As I mentioned in a past post this stuff is AMAZING at removing my waterproof eye makeup, and I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants a good balm base cleanser. In addition, I've also recently found out that it is cruelty-free, which means it will definitely be staying a part of my routine for times to come.

Next, I use the Simple Oil Balancing Exfoliator. Simple is a brand that I have used for years and though I want to kind of move away from Simple and explore new brands I can't turn down a good product. This is a pretty good exfoliator, gentle but does the job. Preferably I would like another step between the cleansing and exfoliating but I don't know what product to use, recommendations are welcome.

I currently don't own a toner, since the last one I used broke me out, so after washing my face, I go straight on to moisturise. Again it's a Simple product this time there Oil Balancing Moisturiser. This has been my go-to moisturiser for a couple years now, I reviewed it quite a while ago on here as well, and though I still want to test more out if I'm ever stuck I will always be going back to this one.

Finally, I've had a new addition to my routine and that is the Klairs Calming Cream*. I have yet to try this out for a long enough period of time since the people at Wishtrend sent it to me to give a thorough review but so far I can definitely see it reducing some redness around the inflamed blemishes that appear on my face too often for me to be happy about.

That is pretty much the base for my evening skincare routine. Sometimes I might do less like leaving out the cleansing balm, and sometimes I might add in such things as a pimple patch. But for most days this is what I go with.

There is still a long way to go till I'm completely satisfied with my skin and its skincare, but for now, this is not destroying my skin any more than it is already suffering. I'm always up for good product recommendations so if you have any please send them my way.

- Sophie

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*This product was gifted to me, but all opinions on it are my own
** Affiliate links have been used in this post