YesStyle Haul + Mini Review

I made it a goal for myself this year to try and test out more online stores and different fashion pieces, since both, I rarely do because they make me feel anxious. So when the other month I found a couple of pieces I quite liked in Yesstyle I thought "why not?" and order them. And since most of you on Twitter voted for a try-on haul here it is.

The first of these pieces is this gorgeous red Striped Dip-Back Blouse that I kind of fell in love with it at first sight. It sits quite nicely as a somewhat crop top feel at the front, though not overly too much, and looks rather nice tucked in at the front of a black pair of leggings. Despite the off the shoulder look being the reason that really pulled me to this item it was kind of a risk for me since Yesstyle is an Asian store and I have shoulders more on the wider side which isn't normally taken into account with the Asian size range. And though it didn't fit around the shoulders brilliantly at first, once I cut the part that is used to hold it onto clothes hangers - that was almost situated in the centre of the top opening - it was able to reach over the span of my shoulders.

Surprising I've never really worn anything red! I used to think it wouldn't suit me since my skin tone can be rather pink and I blush a lot so I kind of steered clear of that certain shade range, but this top is making me fall for the colour, and I can totally see myself wearing red more often; it just feels so put together.

The next of the order is this black Cutout Crop Top. Now for the price of this I wasn't expecting much, I just wanted a cute top that I could wear under some of my oversized jumpers, and though you can tell it is not expensive from how the padding in the cups is loose within the material it still fits pretty well. I've worn this twice now and both times people have said how nice it looks, so it really does show you can buy nice things for not too much money.

The only thing I would have to say that I have a problem with for this product if that the side part of the cross is slightly too long and are loose against my body, it's not the easiest thing to explain. I can't complain though for the price and it is something that I can quite easily fix up with either a hand needle or sewing machine.

Pairing quite well with the cutout crop top is this white Print Zip Jacket from Cloud Nine. It is a kind of rain mac sort of fabric with these black prints on it that I'm still trying to figure out what they mean. I definitely fell into the trap of it looks nice on the model so I want to try it out. But that wasn't such a bad thing this time.

For anyone who knows me offline will know this isn't my usual style. But then what is my real style anymore? I felt like trying something different and going by what my flatmate said about it, I feel like it's going to be a piece I wear more and more. Though maybe I shall wait till it gets warmer since the material isn't very thick and definitely wouldn't keep me warm in the weather the UK is having at the moment.

The last of the fashion pieces from this order is this black Hoop Accent Felt Beret from Frome. I haven't worn any kind of hat in ages but a beret is one of my favourites to style. And after seeing loads of them on my Pinterest I kind of wanted to try them out again. This one has cute hoop detailing along one side which I thought brought that little bit of something else to an otherwise simple black beret.

Literally, everyone I've shown this beret to has complimented how cute it is, and even my mother -who's not much into fashion - said how much this style suited me. So it has a big double thumbs up from me.

In all this order wasn't so bad. All the pieces came out good and I can't wait to incorporate them into more outfits of mine.

As I mentioned at the beginning I'm planning to try out more online clothing retailers this year, so if you have any suggestions please let me know.

- Sophie

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