The Body Shop Cushion Foundation Review

Fresh nude cushion foundation

I think it is finally time to put this blog post into action and get writing on the review that I promised I would write for you all back when I put up my New Year Haul.

I've been using The Body Shop Fresh Nude Cushion Foundation for over a month now, possibly six weeks, so I think it's about time to spill all my thoughts about it and how my skin has reacted.

Quick background check on my skin before I go into further details about this product. I have oily to combination skin, leaning more to the oily end of that spectrum and do suffer from acne and blemishes that appear for a multitude of reasons. So I can only give my opinions for this product on my skin, and even if you have similar I can't promise it will work out for everyone since no two peoples' skin is the same - the beauty of humanity.

As normal with any of my reviews lets start from the outside and work our way inwards.

The package for the cushion foundation is pretty minimal and simplistic, but that is something I quite like. It's not overly heavy, meaning I can carry it around in my bag without too much of a worry, and the seal is pretty tight for both lids on the product. The sponge applicator is good quality, though it isn't as soft as the sponges from the Korean cushion foundations I own or have owned (mind you that is only actually two), but it works for the job it has to do.

Now on to the part we're all actually here to see, or hear about really, the actual foundation part. The foundation sits under a mesh kind of seal unlike the actual cushion I had tried before, but really it works the same. The only time this might be a problem is when I get to the end of the product I can get out and with a cushion I can flip it over to make sure I've really used it all but with this kind of seal I'm not 100% sure if I can or cannot do the same trick, only time will tell. The foundation it's self works pretty well on my skin type. It does have a tendency to stick to any dry patches (the few I get) but it doesn't leave me as an overly shiny disco ball too much by the end of the day - but then my skin still has it's good days and bad days so it's really up to that how shiny I look. The colour also fits me pretty well also. Being rather pale, my other pale girls and guys out there can agree that it can be hard to find a colour light enough that you don't look too orange, but FUJI PEONY 01 fits pretty well.

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This colour and product in general was a bit of a gamble for me since I bought it off online before colour matching, but I have to say it was a risk that has worked out pretty well.

Overall, I definitely give this product a good review! And would totally recommend it, if I could still find it online.

The Body Shop Fresh Nude Cushion Foundation has worked out pretty well for me, and though I've only tried one other of their products - an eyeshadow - I think I'll be checking out more of their stuff in the future. Plus there's a store only 10 minutes from my university accommodations so it's really a win win.

Have you tried this cushion foundation or any other The Body Shop products?

- Sophie

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