Am I Really A Blogger?

You ever had those thoughts that keep you awake as you try to sleep. Okay, they might not keep me awake for long since I'm the sort of person who as some as my head hits the pillow I'm pretty much in the land of dreams in a finger click, but the other night (or the other week I should say by the time I get round to finishing up this post) this thought did cross my mind. Can I consider myself a blogger?

I've been blogging going on four years now, somehow, yet I see bloggers who have been blogging for even a couple of months with far more followers and growth on their blogs than I've ever been able to achieve. Don't get me wrong I'm super proud of everyone but it does make me think what am I doing differently which makes my growth that much slower.

So I looked back at when I first started blogging.

Yes the photos were not that great, and the actual writing probably didn't have its own flare and uniqueness to it - writing has never been the easiest for me I'm better with numbers than letters - that really I'm still trying to find four years down the line. So maybe that slowed down my growth. But the real thing was the effort I put in other than writing and taking photos.

The other week my friend Steph who blogs over at Social Spying wrote a post all about the things that make a blogger, a blogger. And to be honest, when little fourteen or fifteen-year-old Sophie was writing here she probably wasn't too interested in all the other things that can come with the blogging job. The actual social side scared her, like all social situations do, and trying to talk to other bloggers who seemed to be doing far better than she was very daunting.

So when I started this blog I don't think I was really a blogger more of someone who writes on the internet. And I'm sure that people are going to say that a blogger is someone who writes a blog but I truly think there is more to being a blogger than that.

Now back to today.

I think I am slowly growing into being a blogger. I don't just write for no one but myself to see. I write for an audience. I take photos. I promote on multiple social media accounts. I connect with other bloggers. I take way more time to blog and make it the best I can every week. And though maybe blogging isn't at the forefront of my responsibilities at this moment in my life. I think I can now give myself that label of blogger without having any hesitance.

Maybe when I was younger all that a blogger was was the writing and photography, but now with so much competition, it seems us bloggers are spreading onto every platform possible; I just hope I can keep up.

- Sophie

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