YesStyle Haul + Mini Review

I made it a goal for myself this year to try and test out more online stores and different fashion pieces, since both, I rarely do because they make me feel anxious. So when the other month I found a couple of pieces I quite liked in Yesstyle I thought "why not?" and order them. And since most of you on Twitter voted for a try-on haul here it is.

The Body Shop Cushion Foundation Review

Fresh nude cushion foundation

I think it is finally time to put this blog post into action and get writing on the review that I promised I would write for you all back when I put up my New Year Haul.

I've been using The Body Shop Fresh Nude Cushion Foundation for over a month now, possibly six weeks, so I think it's about time to spill all my thoughts about it and how my skin has reacted.

Am I Really A Blogger?

You ever had those thoughts that keep you awake as you try to sleep. Okay, they might not keep me awake for long since I'm the sort of person who as some as my head hits the pillow I'm pretty much in the land of dreams in a finger click, but the other night (or the other week I should say by the time I get round to finishing up this post) this thought did cross my mind. Can I consider myself a blogger?