Winter Walks

I'm sure there are not many families out there who venture out to the seaside in the middle of winter, days after a storm has hit. But on the 30th of December, we all five, my family and me, climbed into the car and made our way to Skegness beach.

It's actually rather typical for my mother to want us all to walk by the sea whenever we visit my grandparents, it's turned into a recurring outing that really I'm not complaining about, since it is a place where I can get my camera out and get some decent photos.

So all bundled up with scarfs and boots we tackled the wind since the sun had finally started shining for probably what was the only day of that week we had sun. There weren't many other families out there at this time of year, but we all preferred it that way with less children in the way.

No trip to the seaside is complete with out our fish and chips. Add in a hot chocolate and it was a lovely day.

Despite the chill in the air and the wind that resulted in many occasions with my hair in front of my face, the day was pleasant. Family outings don't always go smoothly but this day went all right.

I'm going to sign this post off quickly now since I don't want to waffle on and pull the direction of the post away from the photos, but do you have any places you go out with your family to?

- Sophie

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