New Year Haul

This post is a bit belated but better late than never right.

It's not often I buy enough stuff in one go to be able to make a post out of it all but since over the Christmas and New Year period I decided to treat myself - which I very rarely do - I was able to add a few pieces to my wardrobe and make-up collection.

Let's start with some of the make-up and skin care items I got from The Body Shop. Since they had a sale on it was kind of a shout out to me to treat myself to some of their items, since I've owned some travel size products and an eyeshadow from there before. So while scrolling through the sale pages their Frosted Plum Body Lotion and Cushion Foundation caught my eye. I actually really needed a new foundation and though I'm still testing it out at the moment I'm quite loving it - would you like a review on it some time in the future? The lotion is also a really nice scented product. I hadn't smelt it before I ordered it online so it was a real risk for me who is known to be picky with scents but I do quite like this one.

Another make-up product I picked up was the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, which I actually really needed since my other concealer had run out. I'm unsure if I've ever used this concealer before but so far it is doing a pretty decent job at covering my dark under eye circles.

There is one other make-up product I ordered that I haven't photographed since it only arrived the other day, and arrived at home rather than at university where I am right now, and that is the Chica Y Chico Mat Fix Matt Cushion. Another cushion foundation, yes I know, but this one had been on my wish list for a while now so when I saw it on a more than half price sale on YesStyle I decided I should really pick it up. Like all the other products I've mentioned if you would like a review on any of them just let me know in the comments.

And now on to the clothes.

I picked up two items in the sale this year one is this gorgeous bralette from Forever21. I've been wanting to try out bralets for a while now though I could never find a style I liked, however this one I really liked, and I'm actually considering getting more in different colours. Hopefully I'll be able to style it for a post some time in the future. I also picked up a coat from Newlook (similar) that I haven't been able to photograph yet, but hopefully I'll be able to take photos for a post featuring it some time in the near future.

It's actually quite odd I treated myself this much, since I tend to doubt everything I like and end up never buying anything; like I rarely even treat myself when I go food shopping. And though this might be a good trait for when saving money I also never really spend anything and that doesn't sound as great either. I'm working on finding a balance. Have you bought anything recently?

- Sophie

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