Heimish All Clean Balm Review


Each new product I add to my skincare routine I do research to see if what I'm buying will actually be worth adding to it. This Hemish cleansing balm is one of those. So I thought today I could share how I'm reacting to it after using it for just a little under a months time

I first discovered this product by watching Jen's (meejmuse) videos in which she has mentioned many times how great this balm was. So when it came to Christmas and I has nothing else to put on my wishlist I asked my parents for this.

Starting with the outside and working our way in, don't you think the packaging is gorgeous. Simple yet aesthetic! Though I promise you it wasn't the packaging that made me buy it this time. Despite that, I do like how sophisticated the design is and the colours on the lid are some that I really like.

The product comes in this sturdy pot with a lip that actually holds in place. Doesn't it just bother you when a skincare or makeup product comes with a lid that is not tight? But anyway once you open the lid you come to the area that holds the spatula. I'm actually so glad to have a spatula since it makes the actual balm so much easier to get out as well as being more hygienic.

Then under the second 'lid' of which the spatula sits on is the actual cleansing balm. The balm is pretty solid and there seems to be quite a bit in there which is good for the price it can be, plus you only need to use a little bit to remove your makeup. There isn't really much of a scent, I think. I'm honestly not the best when it comes to smells, but it doesn't smell bad.

I use the cleansing balm on my eye in particular since for the majority of the time I only wear eye makeup, but nonetheless, it takes it off beautifully. Before using the balm I had been using makeup wipes to take off my eye makeup (yes I know that is not great but I didn't get along with micellar water) however after using the balm even just once I noticed how clean and soft my eyelashes were, it was like I hadn't ever worn make-up before. Which sounds odd but even with makeup wipes, I found my eyelashes still held on to some of the mascara. However, with the cleansing balm, it was like I had never worn make-up before. Can you tell how much I love this product?

I have to say the only problem with this product is that it is kind of tricky to get my hands on since it is a Korean made product and shipping is atrocious. However, the star my mother is was able to find it on a website where the shipping was far less than other sites, so I thought I should mention it. BEAUTY & SEOUL is an online store run by Maree who is trying to connect k-beauty and the UK. Though it is still in early days my Mum was really pleased with the service and for someone who really doesn't like shopping online, I think that deserves two big thumbs up. I definitely think I'm going to try other products from her shop sometime in the future - maybe give it some time after all the shopping I did over Christmas and New Year.

Anyway, this product is definitely one I would recommend to anyone and has definitely been a good addition to my skincare routine in the evenings. Have any of you tried out this product or similar ones like it before?

- Sophie

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