I feel like it's been a while since I sat down and wrote something on this blog. I'm now well and truly into university with it been over a month since I moved in and a month since I started the actual learning. This post was actually one I found in my drafts from about two weeks into uni, so a bit of a while ago now, but I still feel like I want to post it.

During the first few days of being at university for the first time, I got asked quite often how I was with settling in and if everything was going okay, as I'm sure every other uni student was asked as well.

Similar when I went home for the weekend my parents asked how I was doing being back in my own room, even though I had only been gone two weeks.

It's like they expect me to feel like something was weird and that I was feeling uncomfortable and unfamiliar with the place I'm in. Like I was not in my usual routine, which in the past has totally thrown me off and resulted in me getting extremely nervous about every little thing.

However both times I've felt nothing of the sort.

When I went to university the first day I got myself sorted out pretty quickly - my room set up (partially) in the way I liked it - and it didn't feel completely and utterly new to me like I was somehow used to this surroundings already though it was new. I even slept pretty well on the first night, though I know many others who struggled to get to sleep. Though, honestly, I could have just been exhausted from moving in.

I understand that some people don't feel at home in one new place as quickly, but it seems like the norm to have to take a few days to settle in and feel comfortable with the new surrounds.

Okay, I did feel uncomfortable the first few nights with using the kitchen and shower but that's more because I was sharing with other people, whom I had never met before, and we all know how useless I am at interacting with new people. I'm proud to say though, that know I'm doing a lot better at interacting with everyone, even if it still seems too little from my flatmates' point of view, but that's a whole another blog post.

But everything else seemed pretty okay. I fell rather quickly into a routine that worked for me, even if everyone else finds it weird that the latest I've woken up in the morning is 8. As my Mum has put it before it was like I was really ready for university.

I do often wonder if it's just me who doesn't feel any of this uncomfortable atmosphere and just adapts rather quickly to the new settings, but I'm sure there are others out there as well.

How are you when you're dealing with living in new places? Do you adapt pretty quickly or does it take you a couple of days or weeks to get into a routine?

- Sophie x

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p.s. Do you still want to see such posts as a room tour? I know most people do room tours on Youtube within a couple weeks of moving to uni, I just got a bit tight on time. But better late than never as they say right.