It might be closer to the two-week mark of university but I've finally gotten round to writing up this post about my first week of uni. Better late than never as they say.

So the first week of university.

Otherwise, know as freshers week.

You would think it was a time to go out partying and possibly have one too many drinks, however, I spent most of my evenings inside the flat and have been asleep before 12 for more of the nights than not. This though is becuase I'm not a clubbing person and don't drink acohol either. Yet I've still had fun.

I've spent quite a bit of time bonding with some of my flat mates. With 12 of us it's pretty hard to get to know everyone in the first week, but there has been three of us who have bonded pretty well. The guy is pretty similar to me actaully, we both don't like going out and we both study pretty much the same subject so I can see us becoming great friends. The girl, though more likely to go out, has been someone I've felt comfortable to talk with since the get go. We all spent hours sat in the kitchen just talking and talking and honestly I've really enjoyed it. Plus they've accepted my love for Kpop and the fact that I fangirl over BTS, so I think that's a win.

Despite it being only freshers week I have already had some leactures. Though rather boring since it's just recaping stuff from A-Level - I can reassure you I haven't forgotten anything about linear motion -  I can't wait too see all the new stuff we are going to learn in the near future. But maybe less so the 9am starts I have on a Monday.

Also on my course I've made friends with this one girl who is so similar to me. Her mother even said it was like we had been seperated at birth, which was so sweet of her. Though we haven't had as many hours to bond like my flatmates since she lives off campus I can see us being great friends.

Friendships are actually pretty difficult for me since I'm not very good at starting up conversations so these new friends have felt like a miracle to me.

Apart from a few lectures and friends there hasn't really been anything much else to comment on. It still doesn't feel like I'm a uni student yet or that I'm living away from home. I haven't gotten homesick once. I might have had a slight panic about having to socialise with a campus filled with totally new people (apart from one friend from school) but nothing to do with homesickness. This might be because I have video called my family everyday. And I honestly think they miss me more because they now have no one to do their ironing for them. Jokes aside I feel closer to my mother and youngest sister now I'm away than I ever did when I lived at home.

This post had been pretty short hadn't it? But then honestly I've not really been up to much, one because it's not me but also I got freshers flu. Just my luck!

I've already said I would do a room tour for you since you all seemed to want one when I ran the poll on Twitter but would you all like any other university based blog posts in the near future as well?

- Sophie x

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