It's that time in life where I'm about to turn the page to start a new chapter of my story.
A new section in the journey they call life.
Ready to cross over the bridges of challenges that I am pretty sure I will have to face along the way.
Yet I'm at a phase of feeling rather jittery about it all.

If you didn't know yet I'm off to uni in roughly a fortnight.

But right now I'm sitting here trying to process everything that is going to happen since everything else is pretty much ready in place for me to move in in the coming weeks.

I'm probably at one of those dangerous stages where you start to over think every possibility that could happen and worry about everything that could go wrong.

There are so many things that are going to be completely out of my comfort zone. Moving in with people I don't even know. Making friends. Living in a different city. A night life that isn't really me. Having to cook every meal myself. Shop for food or shop for anything in general. 

I know that people are going to say and have already said such things as "you'll be fine", "you're ready for this" and "everyone's in the same boat". But it doesn't really stop my brain from overthinking and my heart from picking up speed as I think about it. From my stomach being filled with butterflies of nerves, that are making quite a storm in there.

Despite it all though, I do want to go to university!

I love learning. I always have and plan to continue doing so. I'm taking a course that really interests me, even if I have no idea where it will take me in the future. And I guess it's kind of a nice stepping stone on the way to be a fully fledged adult, I definitely still feel like I should be in year 7 sometimes.

So though it hasn't fully set in that I'm moving out or moving onto the next stage in my life. I think, somewhere deep down, that I know I'm ready and can deal with the challenges that I'm going to face. And that I'm going to be okay at doing everything that has been outside of my comfort zone for as long as I can remember. I guess it's time to step outside this bubble.

Once I've settled into uni, would you like any uni related post from me? If so what?

Are any of you moving on to a new chapter, be that a new school, college or uni, or something else entirely?

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