Back To School Lookbook

How is it that time of the year again already? It doesn't feel like I've been finished with college for two months. I'm not quite sure how I've wasted all this time.

And though I don't actually start university for another month or so, I thought it was more suited to post this post now instead of later.

After two years of college, you would have hoped I would have figured out my style after wearing a school uniform for the rest of my childhood education.

Yet I don't think I've made it there just yet!

Alas, I'm still experimenting and I guess this post is to help me put some outfits together and see what works and what doesn't.


The main piece of this first outfit is the lace top. I recently picked this up at Newlook of the sale rack at a pretty decent price (similar one here*). It has always been a style of top that I have wanted in my wardrobe for quite some time, so I was pretty chuffed when I found it.

I wanted to keep the rest of the outfit simple, so that's where the leggings come in, and of course no outfit is complete without my trusty converses. Honestly, I don't wear leggings outside of the house much. They always seem like clothes to wear when I'm being lazy in the house. But they suit this look pretty well I thought so I think I'm going to have to venture out in them.

The denim jacket though!

Though the outfit was nice without the denim jacket, it looked more like a night out look than an everyday outfit. So I went on the hunt for any over sized outerwear we had in the house. And there I found my Dad's old denim jacket. He hasn't worn this in years so I've kind of snatched it up and given it a new home in my own wardrobe. Though maybe not the most flattering jacket, it's comfy and makes me feel strong and like I'm being me so it all works out in the end.


For this next look, I wanted to style something that was good for days studying inside as well as a few changes make it more comfortable for when you need to suddenly leave the house.

I featured this top (find here*) in the second on the summer style looks I did last month (here), and it has continued to be one of my favourite pieces. It's comfy to wear as well as looking pretty stylish as well. Following the casual trend, the leggings and converses make a re-appearance in this look, for those days where you want to feel a little dressed up but really are not going to do anything else but sit in your room and watch Netflix.

A few changes and I turned the outfit into something I would feel more comfortable in when leaving the house.

The leggings I swapped for jeans.

And the shoes I went for trainers (even if they are too big, apparently my feet have shrunk).

Though I don't normally wear trainers, they are comfortable and make it easy when you need to get places with out too much of a hassle.

I then threw on my own denim jacket, ready for when the weather starts getting more on the cooler side.

It's a PJ day

This last look is something a little more fun. My friend - whom I was asking for help on ideas for this post - suggested I make an outfit using my joggers. However, there wasn't much in my wardrobe that actually matched my purple joggers, so instead, I created a look to work around a PJ top.

You could say this outfit would work for those days which you would wake up late and don't have much time to get ready. Though that's never happened to me! I'm more like Anna from Frozen, "the sky's awake so I'm awake".

But I could imagine if I was running late a trusty pair of high waisted shorts, black converses and black cap (to hide the mess my hair can be) would work out pretty okay.

Four new outfits for the new school year.

This post has actually helped me organise some outfit ideas in my wardrobe, and I might just look back at this when ever I'm lacking ideas of what to wear. I hope you might have found some inspiration from this post as well.

Though I must ask, am I the only one who has outfits for indoors and outfits for outdoors?

When do you go back to school? Let me know below.

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