Autumn 2017 Wishlist

It's that time of the year again. The time to write out a wishlist of items I would love to add to my wardrobe but most likely won't be able with the limit I have on spending while being a student. Nonetheless, I love writing these and will probably continue to until the day I can treat myself to some of these items.

Honestly, I'm not huge on following all the trends that appear in the fashion world, however, there have been a few trends for the Autumn and Winter that have caught my eye, bright colours and checks being two of those.

Bright colours are actually something still pretty much out of my comfort zone, however, these red cropped jumpers have been catching my eye. And since my sister got one the other month she always looks great while wearing one, pushing me, even more, to add it to my wishlist.

And what Autumn wishlist would be complete without some boots. Truthfully, I don't wear heels unless it's to go to a party since I was always one of the tall ones out of my friends, but since that's not so much of the case anymore I might try to wear heeled boots since they are really cute. And if not then some non-heeled ones need to be added to my collection.

So what's on your wishlist for the last quarter of the year? Have you been loving any trend that I don't know about?

- Sophie x

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