A Body Shop Eyeshadow


It's been a while since I've sat at my laptop and written a makeup post. Looking through my archives the last one was back in March, that you can totally check out here if you want.

It's weird though since when I first started this blog, I was really into makeup and had plans to make it mainly a beauty blog. However over the last year or so I've been feeling less inclined to buy loads of makeup, so therefore there has been less to blog about. And though I still wear it pretty much everytime I leave the house, it's very much more of a simple collection of stuff that I actually use. And instead of buying whole palettes just for one shade I've started searching just for single eyeshadows even if it does cost me more.

This is exactly a reason why I fell in love with this body shop eyeshadow!

Originally I didn't go into The Body Shop store looking for an eyeshadow, but when I glanced over I saw this gorgeous orange, in a shade that I had been searching for ages.

Throughout the summer I've been seeing orange makeup all over the places, from Korea to England it has been a look that has been drawing me in each time. Definitely for the eye makeup! Since if you didn't know me I'm way more adventurous with my eye makeup than any other aspects.

This eyeshadow from The Body Shop is in the shade 130 ATACAMA DESERT, which is a stunning orange that leans to the slightly darker side meaning it works well for everyday looks without being too in your face of a colour. It also, in my eyes, has tiny gold pigments mixed, that though aren't obvious bring a little something to the eyeshadow, and who doesn't love a bit of shimmer in an eyeshadow every now and again. Though it's not highly pigmented, it's at a level of pigmentation that I love; where it can be subtle and blendable as well a vivid and buildable when layered on a little more. This colour has worked so well through the summer and I'm sure will carry on being well used in my collection through Autumn as it works as such a great transitional colour.

This eyeshadow has honestly become one of my favourites to use in my collection. Not only is the colour gorgeous and an orange I had been searching for, but what really pushed me into getting it was the fact it was a single eyeshadow. Though the single eyeshadows are becoming more popular I think, there still aren't many - or I'm just not looking good enough - and I don't really see many come in a single case. I definitely think I'm going to keep to this trend of buying single eyeshadows that I really love instead of buying a whole palette where I will use just a small percentage of the colours.

In conclusion, I love this eyeshadow and colour it comes it!

Have you tried any of the Body Shop eyeshadows? Would you recommend any more colours? Or anything else off their makeup line.

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