Autumn 2017 Wishlist

It's that time of the year again. The time to write out a wishlist of items I would love to add to my wardrobe but most likely won't be able with the limit I have on spending while being a student. Nonetheless, I love writing these and will probably continue to until the day I can treat myself to some of these items.

A Body Shop Eyeshadow


It's been a while since I've sat at my laptop and written a makeup post. Looking through my archives the last one was back in March, that you can totally check out here if you want.

It's weird though since when I first started this blog, I was really into makeup and had plans to make it mainly a beauty blog. However over the last year or so I've been feeling less inclined to buy loads of makeup, so therefore there has been less to blog about. And though I still wear it pretty much everytime I leave the house, it's very much more of a simple collection of stuff that I actually use. And instead of buying whole palettes just for one shade I've started searching just for single eyeshadows even if it does cost me more.

I'm Off To Uni and Feeling Anxious

It's that time in life where I'm about to turn the page to start a new chapter of my story.
A new section in the journey they call life.
Ready to cross over the bridges of challenges that I am pretty sure I will have to face along the way.
Yet I'm at a phase of feeling rather jittery about it all.

Back To School Lookbook

How is it that time of the year again already? It doesn't feel like I've been finished with college for two months. I'm not quite sure how I've wasted all this time.

And though I don't actually start university for another month or so, I thought it was more suited to post this post now instead of later.