Updated Travel Bucket List

A map lays as the background, as a red ribbon is layed across the top right corner. In the centre is a black book with goals written in gold across it. Covering part of the book and map are 4 pearl beaded braclets.

It's been about two years since I wrote a travel bucket list, and yet I still haven't ticked anything off it. Guess that's being a student for you.

But since then, the list has grown. So I thought today I would share some more places I wish to visit in the future.

If you want to see where I wrote I wanted to visit in the first travel bucket list post you can find it here.


Someone take me back! If you've been around for a while you might have read my post about the trip I took to Iceland back in February with college. And ever since I've wanted to go back. I loved seeing the landscape and being the geography nerd in me I loved seeing the formations of ice and waterfalls. We didn't even get to see the northern lights since it was cloudy on the day it was meant to happen so I really do need to go back at some point.


I actually have no singular location in Japan that I want to visit. But I would love to see the sakura blossom in full bloom (I might have watched one too many vlogs of this) as well as visit some of the volcanoes. You realise after studying tectonics in geography for a long time that it would be actually great to see these places at one point in your life. Or is that only me?

Athens, Greece.

If you didn't know I love learning about ancient history and Greece is one of those places that has that ancient history I enjoy learning about. As well I would love to see the architectural buildings; whereas my Mum would prefer to walk around looking at plants and flowers I would prefer to see buildings with history instead.

So these are a few places that have been added to my travel bucket list over the last two years.

Though I say I want to go to these places, and I really do, I have the slight problem of getting motion sickness whenever I travel, oh the fun times. Maybe if I can overcome this I'll be able to see so much more of the world.

Despite wanting to see the rest of the world there are also many places within the UK that I would also like to visit one day, such as York, that caught my eye after seeing blog posts of how beautiful it is. Is there anywhere in the UK or outside of it you would like to go?

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