Running My Own Race

Don't get me wrong I am definitely not talking about actually running. Though both my sisters might love the sport, I most definitely do not. No, I'm actually talking about our own race we call life.

It came into my mind recently how much slower I am going forward than everyone else around me. Like, let's just move at sloth pace, Sophie.

See my little sister, by two years, found her self a job not long after finishing school. Whereas, me, two years older still has yet to have any kind of job. Don't get me wrong I haven't sat around and done nothing, I've volunteered and had work experience, but as of yet, I have not had a paying job.

Therefore, my family then likes to compare us two, and are repeatedly saying "Sophie why do you not have a job when your sister does", resulting in a lot of teasing and nagging.

To me, this doesn't sit quite right.

Yes, many people my age have a job. Yes, I probably should as well. And I've definitely tried. But I've got other factors, that my sister does not, that hold me back - though I'm trying to overcome them every day. I know that one day I'll need a job and I will have one by then.

This made me think of other situations that I'm behind everyone else in.

I've not even started learning to drive!

Out of all my friends, I'm the only one who hasn't learnt to drive. I've not jumped straight into it, mainly because I don't need to drive at this time, and don't really have anywhere to go that is beyond walking distance. But again my family likes to compare how my little sister will most likely be able to drive before me. And like to make it sound that since I am the oldest I should be able to do all these things first.

All of this comparing kind of made me feel a little down, and disappointed with myself, that I couldn't move as quickly forward as everyone else. And really I felt like I was being left behind as everyone else was rushing forwards with life.

But I stopped that soon when I realised that it doesn't matter how fast I move forward as long as I am moving forward. We can't tell how many bumps are going to be on the road, how many that are going to make us feel like we are crawling forward at snail's pace, or how many other people have as well. Instead, we just need to focus putting one foot in front of the other, even if we are progressing slower than anyone else.

Don't compare your chapter one to someone else's chapter twenty.

I'm going to keep this quote in my mind when ever I get those moments of feeling like I'm sat still while everyone else is rushing around getting stuff done. Kind of like those scenes from the movies where our main character stops in the middle of a busy place and everyone carries on around them in a blur.

Do you ever have any of these feelings that you aren't progressing at a quick enough rate?

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