Updated Travel Bucket List

A map lays as the background, as a red ribbon is layed across the top right corner. In the centre is a black book with goals written in gold across it. Covering part of the book and map are 4 pearl beaded braclets.

It's been about two years since I wrote a travel bucket list, and yet I still haven't ticked anything off it. Guess that's being a student for you.

But since then, the list has grown. So I thought today I would share some more places I wish to visit in the future.

If you want to see where I wrote I wanted to visit in the first travel bucket list post you can find it here.

Running My Own Race

Don't get me wrong I am definitely not talking about actually running. Though both my sisters might love the sport, I most definitely do not. No, I'm actually talking about our own race we call life.

It came into my mind recently how much slower I am going forward than everyone else around me. Like, let's just move at sloth pace, Sophie.