Summer Style 2017 #2

I made a goal for this summer to spend more time with family and friends since in the past I've been pretty bad at this. Fortunately, I've found those few friends who want to hang out.

So last week I took advantage of my friend's offer to help me with blog photos and off we went to Runnymede - since we didn't want to spend much money and I have a national trust membership - hoping the weather would stay good for us.

The weather stayed good, even if it was a bit windy. That definitely made for some funny photos. Wind meets hair is not a good look. But nonetheless, I had a fun time and realised how much easier it is to get the photos I want when someone else is holding the camera than a tripod. I definitely didn't have to do a tonne of running back and forward to put the camera on a timer.

Not only that but I was also able to get over my fear of taking photos in public. Mind you there wasn't actually that many people about and if so they were mostly elderly couples who were more in their own world to notice a teenage girl sat in the middle of a field. But it is still a start and for someone who doesn't really like being around people or large crowds, a small step is still progress.

Anyway, on to the outfit.

This top was one of those really out my comfort zone buys, but I am so glad I picked it up from an H&M sale the other week. Though I have to admit the front is very good a becoming loose a bit of sticky tape can solve anything. The sleeves are my favourite on it though, the flowy material is just one I like - and now I become stuck with my words once again. I kept the bottom half of this outfit pretty simple with my mom jeans and black converses since I wanted the emphasis of this outfit to be on the top, but can you really go wrong with mom jeans and converses. They are definitely some of my favourite pieces from my wardrobe.

Though it was only a short day trip of a few hours I had fun. Hopefully, I can persuade my friends to have days out like this again in the future, and maybe even persuade her to feature in a post.
She might even be reading this post, so if so, let me know if you are up to it.

Have you had any fun days out this summer, with friends or family or even by yourself?

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