Styling Mum's Clothing

I've been sat here for the last hour trying to start this blog post off, and let me tell you the words are just not working well together.

Writers block!!!

But I'm going to try and write something now and just get into the post.

I've had this blog post idea for a while now, and finally got round to taking the photos and posting it. So since I'm not doing a great job at writing lets just get onto the photos.

The piece of clothing I based the outfit around for this post is the Mickey mouse top. And honestly though it did once upon a time belong to my Mum, now I use it more. Which can actually be said about more than one piece in my wardrobe. Despite that, I really wanted to style this top after finding inspiration from a similar outfit on Pinterest.

To go with the top the brown A-line skirt seemed to fit well, even if it was on the big size and held together at the back with a safety-pin. Since the top was going along a more edgy style - if that is even the right word - the fish net socks and black converses fitted pretty well.

If you couldn't tell from the photos I'm still pretty awkward in front of the camera, but I'm kinda enjoying making a fool of myself while creating content I actually like.

Do you ever wear your parents/siblings/etc clothing?

Would you like to see more posts of me styling my Mum's clothing?

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