Summer Style 2017 #2

I made a goal for this summer to spend more time with family and friends since in the past I've been pretty bad at this. Fortunately, I've found those few friends who want to hang out.

So last week I took advantage of my friend's offer to help me with blog photos and off we went to Runnymede - since we didn't want to spend much money and I have a national trust membership - hoping the weather would stay good for us.

Styling Mum's Clothing

I've been sat here for the last hour trying to start this blog post off, and let me tell you the words are just not working well together.

Writers block!!!

But I'm going to try and write something now and just get into the post.

I've had this blog post idea for a while now, and finally got round to taking the photos and posting it. So since I'm not doing a great job at writing lets just get onto the photos.

Summer Style 2017

Heyy everyone, how have you been this last week? Are you on summer break yet, or still got another week or so to go?

I've been finished since the 29th of June.

And since then I've been able to get out the house to do a bit of shopping which exams stopped me from doing. In particular for some new summer clothing pieces since I have very few of those. I'm more prepared for winter.

So following these shopping trips, I thought I could share with you some of the pieces I've bought as well as styling them - kind of a way to practise how an outfit will work out before I wear it out.

Back To Blogging

Hi everyone, it's been a while hasn't it. How have you been? I've hope you've all be well these past few months.

How long has it been? April, May, June, three whole months with out any blogging really. Like I even took a break from reading blog posts, but that was more this last month.