A Valentines Day For Me

This year I think I'll be my own Valentine.

It's always a typical blogger thing to create blog posts for seasons and celebrations through out the year, it gives us something to write about really. However Valentines Day has never really been one of my favourite ones.

It's not like I'm a grinch-y kind of character for valentines day, I've just never really had a reason to celebrate it.

So this year, while out shopping with my mum who was looking for chocolates for my dad, I decided I would be my own valentine. At the time just so I had a reason to buy some chocolate with out feeling guilty.

But later I started thinking.

I don't think I've been giving myself enough self love over the past couple of weeks, or even months. I've been stressed a lot, with college work, studying, uni and planning for an Iceland trip. Might not seem much but I can become way too stressed way too easily.

So with it being the season for love, why not give myself some.

It's not wrong for us to love ourselves, well I guess as long as you don't go over the top. As I see it, we're the one person who's always going to be there for ourselves throughout our lives no matter what. So we better love ourselves and ourselves love us.

We deserve that!

And it's not like we need a partner to share some love. You can share love between family and friends as well.

There isn't just one type of love.

Anyway this has turned into a bit of a ramble.

If you do celebrate Valentines Day with your other half, that's awesome. And if not, think about giving yourself some love.

And keep it up. Loving isn't just for one day of the year.

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