A Trip To Iceland

Heyy everyone,

So for those of you who don't follow me on Twitter or missed the very minimal tweets I posted about it, last week I was away for a college trip to Iceland.

I had been waiting to go on this trip for ages and I actually couldn't quite believe how quickly it came round.

So on the plane I went, only knowing two people on the trip, and to Iceland it was a go.

The views we saw were amazing to sum it up in one word.

Snow topped mountains. Giant pieces of ice. All in colours of white, blue and black.

Might I add, these are definitely some of my favourite colour schemes.

Though we didn't get to see the Northern Lights, it now gives me another excuse to go back one day.

I had an amazing five days in Iceland, and honestly can't wait to go back in the future if I ever get the chance. So to finish off this post, since I think the photos did most of the talking, which photo caught your eye the most? I have to say for me I really like the photos where I caught the wave crashing over the ice, I was quite proud of my timing skills when I took it.

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