Winter Lookbook

Hey everyone,

This post has been waiting in my drafts for the past month while I waited for the weather to give me a good day - when I was actually free - for good lighting to take photos.

Dear old England please make up your mind on what the weather shall be.

But finally on Wednesday since I didn't have any lessons in the morning I was able to get a few snaps for a lookbook.

Mind you my wardrobe is a bit limited at the moment since I'm having a clear out as well as trying to find my style like I mentioned in my new year resolutions post last week, but I still tried to find some cute outfits that could be worn during these colder month.

Top - Newlook | Leather Jacket - Primark | Scarf - Primark | Jeans - Peacocks | Boots - Select

For this first outfit I've kept it simple. Something I'm sure everyone will like.

When finding outfits for this post I tried to create a range of outfits that fill into a range of styles people might like.

Honestly out of the three outfits I think this one is the one you would most likely see me in the most.

Not only is it something that I can grab quickly on an early morning start for college, but the jeans are  also super comfy that I can wear them all day with out finding it hard to move around. They are also the only pair of skinny jeans that I have found to fit me after years of trying on pairs in shops. Makes me so happy!

This scarf is also on of my favorites, in my ever growing collection. I'm definitely a scarf kind of girl. And since I cut my hair short last Summer wearing scarfs has not only kept me far more warmer but have also been easier to wear with out all that hair, that I don't know if I should tuck inside the scarf or not. Does anyone else find this a problem?

To leather jacket and boots finish off the look. Adding a kind of empowering feel to the look.

Top - Newlook | Shorts - H&M | Coat - Matalan | Tights & Shoes - Don't Remember

How many people have separate Winter and Summer Wardrobes?

For one I do not.

So that's why for this second outfit, I tried to winter-fy some of the pieces I wore back in the Summer. Which is pretty much just the shorts. To any of you read my Summer outfits posts (here & here) you'll know were a statement piece for me. So I decided to try and make an outfit suitable for Winter out of them.

This coat does just the job. Pairing it with the tights (though not the most warmer) and high-tops, pushed this outfit into something you could get away with wearing on those not so freezing Winter days.

The tops then just added some detail to the look. This is a new addition to my wardrobe from the New Year sales, and I adore the zip detail with the mini ring. I've seen many people with this ring detail trend and though I'm not one to particularly fall into any trends I have to say I actually really like this one. 

Jumper - Sainsbury | Skirt - Primark | Shoes - Newlook | Tights - Don't Know

I'm sure I've done many look with this skirt by now, yet I haven't worn it out once.

Just haven't been to places where it would suit.

But yet, it's still one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. And being that it looks super cute with a jumper tucked in, I feel it fits quite well with the Winter theme.

Add to that the tights and these shoes, and I feel like its a Winter outfits for those more dressed up times. Well at least for me since all I normally wear is jeans and joggers.

Really I feel to finish off the look I could do with a coat. Maybe a longline coat. but alas I do not own one of those. Does anyone recommend any good shops to get good coats I'm still on the look out.

Three outfits make a lookbook right.

I hope you guys like these sort of posts, lookbook got more votes on Twitter when I ask if you prefer single outfit posts or lookbooks. So here I have you one.

Who knows which of these outfits I will wear.

Since I really only leave the house for college and for that all I wear is jeans since they are the easiest to wear and style.

Which of these outfits is your favourite? And also what has been your go to outfit for this Winter?

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