Resolutions For The New Year

Hey everyone

I've been thinking again, as I'm sure many people are doing around this time of the year, about how I'm going to face 2017 and what I plan to do this year.

Every year I've made new year resolutions.

Some times kept. Some times not.

So though at the moment I don't want to set myself to many goals, I've just not been in the best mood for it, I've come to some conclusion on some things I want to try out this year.

I want to focus on myself!

Focus on getting my mind in the right place for the right time. Focus on making sure I keep to things I set myself. Focus on giving myself a break, before I do break. Focus on getting over my fear of social situations, and the worry that battles around in my head.

Just in general, focusing on me and what I want to do, not what other people want me to do.

I want to spend more time with family and friends!

This might seem like an easy one, but for someone who has hundreds of different worries going on in her head before even leaving the house or even her room, trying to do meet up with people can result in a lot of stress.

But with university looming near this year, the realisation that I won't get to see some people everyday, makes me ever more encouraged to use the time I have wisely.

I want to discover my own style!

In writing, for both blogging and geography essays, I want to be able to say that the words are more true to me, not just a textbook answer which I have grown accustomed to over the years.

In fashion, I want to be able to be confident to go out on the streets rocking what ever I feel like. I might be shy and self conscious but I want to find a style that I feel so comfortable in that I won't even worry about the looks that might not even occur.

I want to test boundaries!

My own ones of course.

Partly I know this will happen with the opportunity of university this year. But I want to get out my comfort zone of home, where I live with my family and don't necessarily socialise unless it's with my three friends.

I want to be able to say yes to more chances, instead of letting the uncertainly of something turn me away.

I want to exercise more!

I'm not saying I will go to the gym, goodness no.

I mean getting in my minimum 60 minutes of movement a day.

Not really for the physically benefits of exercise but more for the mental.

I need time to relax. Need time to completely let my mind go away from everything that stresses me out. And to get away from it all I dance. Maybe I was only taught ballet for a term back in infant school, and that's all the dance I was ever taught really. But I still love the feeling of moving to music and feeling the rush. Plus learning kpop dances gives me something else to focus on rather than revision.

I want to do the best I can!

For blogging, in growing this little places on the internet more and more.

For college, getting those grades that I want after all the effort and time I've spent learning and studying.

I think that's all for my resolutions for this year. I'm not going to aim for any blogging stats this year. I might do that as month goals instead, since I don't know how this year is going to set out yet.

This post might be a week later than everyone else's, but better late than never.

Have you set yourself goals for this year? Let me know if you have what they are and if any are similar to mine.

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