Merry Christmas

It's currently ten past nine at night on the 24th December and I'm sat in bed cosied up with a bottle of water rather than a hot chocolate since I need to sleep soon and I've been feeling a bit off the last few days.

University Room Tour

So I'm over a month into university, and finally getting round to writing up and photographing a room tour. Even if I am writing this up between lectures and tutorials. Better late than never right.

The Adaptation of a Uni Student

I feel like it's been a while since I sat down and wrote something on this blog. I'm now well and truly into university with it been over a month since I moved in and a month since I started the actual learning. This post was actually one I found in my drafts from about two weeks into uni, so a bit of a while ago now, but I still feel like I want to post it.

The Martian Book Review

Sophie's Spot

A couple years ago I would have spent hours of my day reading, however recently I seem to not have so much time to dedicate to reading the books that I want to and that are not textbooks. As well I think I'm more picky about what books I like to read.

The Martian, though, is one that caught my attention pretty quickly. 

University The First Week

It might be closer to the two-week mark of university but I've finally gotten round to writing up this post about my first week of uni. Better late than never as they say.

So the first week of university.

Autumn 2017 Wishlist

It's that time of the year again. The time to write out a wishlist of items I would love to add to my wardrobe but most likely won't be able with the limit I have on spending while being a student. Nonetheless, I love writing these and will probably continue to until the day I can treat myself to some of these items.

A Body Shop Eyeshadow


It's been a while since I've sat at my laptop and written a makeup post. Looking through my archives the last one was back in March, that you can totally check out here if you want.

It's weird though since when I first started this blog, I was really into makeup and had plans to make it mainly a beauty blog. However over the last year or so I've been feeling less inclined to buy loads of makeup, so therefore there has been less to blog about. And though I still wear it pretty much everytime I leave the house, it's very much more of a simple collection of stuff that I actually use. And instead of buying whole palettes just for one shade I've started searching just for single eyeshadows even if it does cost me more.

I'm Off To Uni and Feeling Anxious

It's that time in life where I'm about to turn the page to start a new chapter of my story.
A new section in the journey they call life.
Ready to cross over the bridges of challenges that I am pretty sure I will have to face along the way.
Yet I'm at a phase of feeling rather jittery about it all.

Back To School Lookbook

How is it that time of the year again already? It doesn't feel like I've been finished with college for two months. I'm not quite sure how I've wasted all this time.

And though I don't actually start university for another month or so, I thought it was more suited to post this post now instead of later.

Updated Travel Bucket List

A map lays as the background, as a red ribbon is layed across the top right corner. In the centre is a black book with goals written in gold across it. Covering part of the book and map are 4 pearl beaded braclets.

It's been about two years since I wrote a travel bucket list, and yet I still haven't ticked anything off it. Guess that's being a student for you.

But since then, the list has grown. So I thought today I would share some more places I wish to visit in the future.

If you want to see where I wrote I wanted to visit in the first travel bucket list post you can find it here.

Running My Own Race

Don't get me wrong I am definitely not talking about actually running. Though both my sisters might love the sport, I most definitely do not. No, I'm actually talking about our own race we call life.

It came into my mind recently how much slower I am going forward than everyone else around me. Like, let's just move at sloth pace, Sophie.

Summer Style 2017 #2

I made a goal for this summer to spend more time with family and friends since in the past I've been pretty bad at this. Fortunately, I've found those few friends who want to hang out.

So last week I took advantage of my friend's offer to help me with blog photos and off we went to Runnymede - since we didn't want to spend much money and I have a national trust membership - hoping the weather would stay good for us.

Styling Mum's Clothing

I've been sat here for the last hour trying to start this blog post off, and let me tell you the words are just not working well together.

Writers block!!!

But I'm going to try and write something now and just get into the post.

I've had this blog post idea for a while now, and finally got round to taking the photos and posting it. So since I'm not doing a great job at writing lets just get onto the photos.

Summer Style 2017

Heyy everyone, how have you been this last week? Are you on summer break yet, or still got another week or so to go?

I've been finished since the 29th of June.

And since then I've been able to get out the house to do a bit of shopping which exams stopped me from doing. In particular for some new summer clothing pieces since I have very few of those. I'm more prepared for winter.

So following these shopping trips, I thought I could share with you some of the pieces I've bought as well as styling them - kind of a way to practise how an outfit will work out before I wear it out.

Back To Blogging

Hi everyone, it's been a while hasn't it. How have you been? I've hope you've all be well these past few months.

How long has it been? April, May, June, three whole months with out any blogging really. Like I even took a break from reading blog posts, but that was more this last month.

17 Things I've Learnt At 17

It's crazy to think that tomorrow I will be turning eighteen.

It never truly registered in my mind that I have been seventeen for this last year, yet some how another year has passed and I've survived it some how.

My Top 3 ... Make-up

Hey everyone

Long time no see, or write, or read.

Well what ever it is, it's been sometime since I've sat down and actually wrote a blog post for you to read, since the last one was pretty much all photos from when I went to Iceland - which you should totally check out by the way here.

A Trip To Iceland

Heyy everyone,

So for those of you who don't follow me on Twitter or missed the very minimal tweets I posted about it, last week I was away for a college trip to Iceland.

It's Okay To Take A Break

reducing stress
It's only been a couple weeks into this college term.

But I already feel like I could be reaching the breaking point.

It's like I'm an elastic band, and I've nearly stretched myself too far, I'm going to break.

Winter Lookbook

Hey everyone,

This post has been waiting in my drafts for the past month while I waited for the weather to give me a good day - when I was actually free - for good lighting to take photos.

Dear old England please make up your mind on what the weather shall be.

But finally on Wednesday since I didn't have any lessons in the morning I was able to get a few snaps for a lookbook.

Resolutions For The New Year

Hey everyone

I've been thinking again, as I'm sure many people are doing around this time of the year, about how I'm going to face 2017 and what I plan to do this year.

Every year I've made new year resolutions.

Some times kept. Some times not.