November Favourites

Honestly where has the time gone? I can't quite believe it's December already. I'm sure only the other day it was Halloween and it still doesn't really feel like I've been at college over a year. So since another month has passed us by, I thought I could share with you some of the products and just random favourites that I have been loving. Though this post is labelled as November favourites, rather than just November it's more of the new things I've been loving since I last wrote a favourites posts, which I honestly can't remember when that was.

Firstly I think I'll start with my beauty favourites. Number one being sheet masks. These things have been holy grail items over the last few months. Not only making my skin feel amazing and actually clearing up my skin some what, but are also great to make me give myself some time to relax. You can't really do much with the sheet mask on your face so you kind of have to just sit there and not do anything, therefore relaxing, well at least for me anyways. But though they have been great to pamper myself with, they have definelty improved my skin a lot, my Mum even mentioned improvements in my skin. Though each mask does different thinks to help out the skin, they all leave my skin feeling fresh afterwards. If you want a more in depth review on sheet masks just let me know, I'm also planning to try different brands in the future so if you want me to write about it just comment below.

Second of my beauty favourites has been this cocoa butter lip balm. I've pretty much always got dry lips, even when I used to use other lip balms they used to still get really dry, it probably doesn't help I have a habit of chewing on my lips when I'm nervous and I get nervous a lot. But this one by Palmer's has really saved me this year. The buttery formula I definitely think works better for moisturising the lips, particular in these colder months, and has kept my lips feeling soft every time I use it.

Next kind of linking to beauty is the darker colours that have come as we move through Autumn to Winter. For me this has most come through in forms of nail polishes and jumpers (which was in the wash when I took the photos so no photo of that jumper). I love the darker reds as well a the more purple-pink colours which have become part of my everyday looks.

Moving on from beauty favourites to fashion favourites, I only really have one that has stuck out to my this month and that has been cropped jumpers. You can't really go through Autumn with out bringing the jumpers out and since I actually don't like the feeling of looking like a balloon when I got out to college cropped jumpers have meant I've still been able to have to long baggy sleeves that can hide and keep my hands warm but also sit just at the top of my high waisted jeans so I feel a bit more put together when I go out. A win-win if you ask me.

And to finished off my favourites, it wouldn't be a post by Sophie with out some mention of music. There has seriously been a ton of comebacks over the last couple of months, that it's been hard to choose who to listen to but I've narrowed it down to three maybe four. Blood, Sweat & Tears by BTS, Stay by BlackPink and Skyway by Got7. I've also found a new liking for B1A4, which was kind of strange because they day after I started listening to them they announced they were going to release a new song, which was kind of a strange coincidence. Anyway there are many more I've been loving but these are the ones that I kept the tabs open of the songs for practically the whole month. If any of you are into kpop dm me some time I don't have many people to fangirl with.

So another months gone and another favourites post is complete. What have you been loving recently? Is there any beauty products that you think I should try out or any songs that you would recommend?

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