Looking Back On A Year Of Goals

It's honestly not fully registered in my head that in 10 or so days the year of 2016 will be over. It feels like this year has gone way too quickly for my liking, it is actually a miracle that I have fitted so much in. So I was thinking that before this year ends I would look back at the new year resolutions that I made all the way back in January and see how well I kept or achieved them; and if not, well I still have half a month to go, right?

Number 1 was to learn something new. For me it was going to be the Korean language, and to be honest with you all that didn't go really far. I still can't really speak a full sentence but through watching Korean shows and listening to the music I have been able to pick up a few words here and there. For someone who for the majority of 2016 was studying for four different subjects I think I did okay-ish.

For my second resolution of this year was to write a book. Yeah that didn't really happen, college took too much time. Though I did start writing something back in November but it's not got very far.

Get into a regular rhythm for studying. I'm truly trying my best at this, and most of the time I'm doing okay, meeting all my deadlines and all, but there are always those times where you really don't feel like doing anything and that is perfectly fine I've realised, we all need to give ourselves a break sometimes before we burn out.

For one of the ones I actually achieved is volunteering. Though it was only a couple of month, I volunteering at a local Rainbow unit. For someone who doesn't talk to people often, I was quite proud of myself that I was able to keep it going. It only ended since the unit closed down.

I'm going to bunch the last three of my personal ones together as one, which were getting out my comfort zone and making time for myself. Getting out my comfort zone happened quite a bit this year. Not only did I go to London for the first time without my parents (I went to comicon with a friend) but I also started looking into university. For someone who prefers to spend all their time in their room, going out even thinking about what the future holds is right out of this comfortable zone I've been sat in for the first part of my life. But along side that I have also made time for myself. Though probably not that successful all the time, I'm learning that I can burn out quite quickly if I don't slot in time to do something for myself, Even if it is just lying on the floor listening to BTS.

With the personal ones looked over why not move onto my blogging resolutions and see what we've achieved.

I've done pretty well on the first one of getting to a regular rhythm for posts. Even if sometimes it wasn't twice a week or even once a week. I kept to a pattern for a time period, and always made sure that posts went up on Sunday's and sometimes Wednesday's. I think the best time for updates from me was the Summer holidays, no college to stop me blogging then.

Okay some that I didn't do okay on were the DIY and lifestyle posts. This year I've felt myself discovering what type of posts I enjoy making the most and for the most part they are fashion ones. I've definitely tried personal posts more this year and might try more in the future if you want that, I'm not the best about talking about myself in real life let alone online, but for DIY I don't think I did any. I just never really had anything to DIY this year. I also never really got my Instagram to take off this year either. I honestly blame that on the fact that my phone camera isn't the greatest and I'm a perfectionist so if the photo is blurry I don't really want to post it, maybe in the future Instagram will have a chance again for me.

Second to last we have communicate with the blogging community more. On one hand I did this pretty well, joining in chats, commenting on posts and making friends over on Twitter, but on the other hand I've had moments where I've slipped out of talking to people, mainly because of college bringing my spirits down and I don't want to share that negative feeling with everyone. But we're all allowed those moments so I'm going to tick this one off as completed.

Finally I have my stats goals, I've reached my bloglovin one of 100, and I thank you all so much for that it means the world to me that you want to come back and read the stuff I've written. And for Twitter well I'm not that too far off the 300 marks, as of today I'm at 271. Which is amazing that amount of people put up with my rambles and kpop fangirling. Hopefully I can reach 300 by the end of the year, any help would be welcomed fully ^_^.

Wow, this year has been a full one, and surprising I achieved or kept to more of these than I thought I would. I never normally stick to any new years resolutions. What about yourselves, have you kept to anything you said you would or achieved anything you had set out at the beginning of the year?

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