2016 To Me

Well I'm back again!

I apologise for not being too consistent with blogging over the last couple of weeks and months. It seems like life has just been playing out in a way that has made it hard to even be in the mood for thinking about blogging.

But to everyone who has stuck by me thank you.

I acknowledge every comment that people leave, and love to see the same people back for every post (you know who you are).

So to finish off blogging for 2016, I thought I could look back on what this year has meant to me.

I've been thinking a lot lately. Be that a good thing or bad. But I've been thinking.

About how fast this year has gone?
How I've accomplished so much
But at the same time I feel like I've done nothing.

Time has seem to be chasing, catching and over taking me as this year has gone on.

I started with some many plans, hope, enthusiasm.

And maybe it's because growing up is becoming oh so real, but slowly things which I used to love have become a drag.

Maybe blogging has been one of them. But I still love it even if I take longer to give you guys some content.

The worry of what the future holds has been pretty prominent this year.
And maybe that hasn't helped things like my anxiety or my stress levels, but I'm hoping 2017 will be a chance to face the things that have been going wrong towards the end of this year.

But apart from the down hills on this roller coaster, it has to go back up because that is just how the physics of the ride goes.

I mentioned in my last post of many of the things that I've done well this year.

And though I don't share all, there have been many great moments.

Maybe I don't tell people how much I'm enjoying the moment but the list is far longer than the bad times.

2016 has just become another stepping stone in what ever direction life has got in store for me. And though I'm coming up to many cross roads I'm sure, I have people around me online and off who are making this journey with me.

So this was a bit of a random post.

I kind of just wanted to get words out there, as well as sign off another year that has flown by way to quickly.

I hope 2016 has been a better year for you than it has for me. And if not lets all make 2017 a great year for us all.

I'll see you all next year ^_^  Twitter Instagram Bloglovin


  1. 2016 has been turbulent for all of us I'm sure, but I'm glad to hear that yours has been overall pretty good. Can't wait to see what's on your blog in 2017, I really hope you keep blogging.


    1. Thank you, comments like this make me want to continue blogging throughout 2017.

  2. I also did not have much of a time to blog this year but I'm sure we'll get back at it or post like we should do, frequently and not once a month or every two months or something like that, at least this was my case! :)

    Best of wishes for the new year! ♥️
    XO, Melissa

    1. best wishes with that, and for the new year as well

  3. Its okay Sophie, 2016 was a weird one for everyone i think! 2017 is a brand new star and i some how have a good feeling about this one so you can do it, maybe we can even tackle it together x

  4. Bring on 2017! Happy New Year I hope we all have a great year, lovely post xo


  5. i related so much to this post!! happy new year lets hope 2017 is better! x

  6. I can't wait to see you get back on track for 2017 - here's to a brilliant year! Lily Lea x