2016 To Me

Well I'm back again!

I apologise for not being too consistent with blogging over the last couple of weeks and months. It seems like life has just been playing out in a way that has made it hard to even be in the mood for thinking about blogging.

But to everyone who has stuck by me thank you.

Looking Back On A Year Of Goals

It's honestly not fully registered in my head that in 10 or so days the year of 2016 will be over. It feels like this year has gone way too quickly for my liking, it is actually a miracle that I have fitted so much in. So I was thinking that before this year ends I would look back at the new year resolutions that I made all the way back in January and see how well I kept or achieved them; and if not, well I still have half a month to go, right?

November Favourites

Honestly where has the time gone? I can't quite believe it's December already. I'm sure only the other day it was Halloween and it still doesn't really feel like I've been at college over a year. So since another month has passed us by, I thought I could share with you some of the products and just random favourites that I have been loving. Though this post is labelled as November favourites, rather than just November it's more of the new things I've been loving since I last wrote a favourites posts, which I honestly can't remember when that was.