10 Things We Do When Listening To Music

Heyy everyone,

It feels like such a long time since I last wrote a list kind of post. Though saying that if I actually looked it probably wasn't that many actual blog posts ago >_<. But anyway since I've been spending hours on hours listening to music - mind you I am doing other stuff at the same time such a studying and blogging - I started to think of certain things I do when listening to music.

The idea also came from a conversation with one of my friends when we were talking about dancing to K-pop songs and falling into the dance moves sometimes when walking down the street, kind of funny if you think about it. So getting on to the actual post, here are 10 things I can think of that I might possibly do when listening to music.

1. Putting a playlist on shuffle to then skip through the songs to reach the one you really want to listen to.

2. If you're listening to a song in a different language, Korean for example, mumbling through the Korean words to belt out the few English ones that pop up everything now and again.

3. Dance without realising while walking down the street with headphones one.

4. If in the car on long car journeys with headphones in, pretending your in a music video as you gaze out at the scenery you drive past.

5. Not being able to leave a song half way listened too, especially if you're at a key part in the song.

6. Tapping a foot or pen to the beat of the song (sorry anyone who's had to sit near me while I'm studying with my headphones on).

7. Putting that one song on repeat even when you have a full playlist that you could listen to because you can't bear for the song to end.

8. Get totally distracted by the song and don't get any other work done that you really should be doing.

9. Sing along without realising how loud and out of tune you are.

10. Sing along to the lyrics but sing the wrong part at the wrong time, so have to fizzle out as the embarrassment gets to you.

Whoo ten things that we do when listening to music. Not going to lie I had a little help coming up with these from friends but nonetheless there's 10. I think I've definitely done all these points at least once in my life and definitely some more than others, such as putting just one song on repeat even though I have a whole playlist set up.

Do you do any of these? Are there any other things you can think of that you do when listening to music? I'm sure there's more that I do as well, I guess I just can't think of them.

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