Outfit Snaps | Autumn OOTD

Autumn OOTD

It's been a while since I last wrote and outfit snap post, all the way back in summer. Did the summer even happen? I've only been back at college a little over a month and it already feels like decades. Okay maybe that was a bit drastic, but with the amount of stuff I've had to do and deal with this half term I'm not surprised I haven't aged like 10 years or more. Despite it all I survived this half term, and though it started off shaky I'm slowly getting back on my feet. 

So anyway for this weeks post since I've had three days off during the week (open days and catch up days, I promise I am doing college work as well) I've had time to take some outfit photos at last. Three cheers for Sophie! Hip-hip hooray, hip-hip hooray, hip-hip okay let's stop now Sophie before everyone thinks you've gone barmy. So where was I, oh yeah outfit posts. I won't lie to you, I haven't actually worn this outfit yet, and pretty much created it for this post. But lets think of it as a way of organising and planning outfits for future events if I decide I fancy going outside this half term.

I'm not really sure where this outfit idea came from, I only knew I wanted to use this skirt in it somehow. I paired the skirt with a black top back in March for a Birthday Outfit post, but haven't really worn it else where despite actually really liking this pieces - it's not the most practical when you have to walk to and from college most days - so I had to find another way of styling it. 

I guess the inspiration for this outfit kind of came from A-Pink, I hadn't really listened to them before one of my close friends made me watch their new music video since she if a big fan of them. And though my outfit doesn't really fit into the pastel pink category it does still have that feminine flow to it that A-Pink seem to have. With the white blouse being the key point of A-Pink inspiration.

If I back away from the Kpop stuff for a moment, this outfit definitely made me feel put together, and the heeled boots helped massively with that. I don't know what it is about heels, but though I don't wear them often they always seem to creep back into my shoe collection. Also the boots are so comfy to walk in, and hold my feet nicely so I don't have to worry about them falling off my feet when I walk, while also making my legs look far more better than otherwise (well at least to me).

Finally to add a little touch of something to the outfit, I put on my Winnie the Pooh necklace, that my grandma got me when I was little with a music jewellery box as well. I feel the gold of the necklace pulls the outfit together being of a somewhat similar colour to the a-line skirt I'm wearing. As well as a bit of 'still wanting to be a child' because I'm not really feeling this growing up thing at the moment.

So what do you think of this outfit, any suggestions of where I could wear it, as I once again mention that I really don't go out much. I should really change that but with my friends not really living where I live anymore it's hard to meet up with people.

It's well and truly into Autumn by now, with the rain and dull weather messing up my lighting. I was actually pretty lucky that the sun sort of came out when I wanted to take these photos ^_^. 

So you've seen my Autumn outfit for a day, what about yours? Either let me know in the comments or tag me on instagram, I'm always up for some new inspiration.

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