Halloween Make-up Snapchat Filter

I'm sure this a pretty common make-up for this years Halloween along with Harley Quinn, but I still wanted to give it a go. Unlike most people who might try this they probably use actual face paint - which might have been a better idea - but I only used the make-up I had in my collection already. Kind of to give you the idea that you don't need to go buy expensive face paint to create a fun and cute look.

I started off the make-up with my usual base make-up, being foundation, concealer and powder, just to give me a clean canvas to work with. As well as lightly shading in my eyebrows with brow powder, to keep them soft for the deer filter look that I was going to attempt to do. Unlike the first Halloween make-up look on Monday I had a picture for this to constantly look at - as well as my friends approval on snapchat to make sure I was heading in the right direction.

With the base done, I went onto the eyes, which despite how simple they look on the filter were pretty hard to accomplish. Though the tight-lining of my eyes was easy enough, the wings on the eyeliner didn't come easy. I tried my best but my eye lids did not make it easy to make a clean wing, but you get the gist I hope. Also before I had done any of the liner I contoured my eyes of such just to give a bit more definition, as well as took the medium brown along my bottom lash line as well. To then finish off the eyes with mascara, which would have been better with false lashes but I still don't own any.

Now on to the fun part of the make-up the orange fur. I kind of experimented with the colours here. Starting with a red focusing it on the cheeks, nose bridge and lower part of my forehead. Then went in with a dark orange then a lighter orange. This is the part where the make-up starting looking like the filter and I was getting pretty proud with myself. As I've mentioned before I'm no make-up artist and when something turns out good I get pretty happy.

I then took out my white eyeshadow and 'dotted' it in the pattern on my forehead. Staring with a line of four, to three about, then two, then one, in sets about both eyebrows. I also then kind of placed it in the second between the two sets in lines of some sort. I also used the white on my nose following the outline as the filter had it. To then finish the nose off with black, which I placed in a heart sort of shape and blended out slightly.

With a nude lipstick the look is done!

This came out pretty well I think, and I was disappointed when I had to take it off. I hadn't expect such a result with just using my make-up ^_^.

Anyway if you also try out this make-up let me know, I enjoy seeing other peoples creations. And if your not being the deer filter, what are you going as for Halloween?

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