A Ramble of 100 Posts

Before I get into this post I feel I should say a proper hello after kind of disappearing from the blogging world for a good couple of weeks, nearly a whole month I believe since my last post out (which you can totally go read here). I'm sure September has been a pretty quiet month for blogging in general with school/college/uni just taking back over our lives after a long summer of being free. I envy the people who have been able to keep up with blogging and college work, for I am not one of those. So much goes on in just the first couple of weeks back being a second year and I'm just trying to get my head around it. But hopefully I can become more organised and get more blogging done, because at the moment all I do is college, study and watch a few programs on TV. Please be patient with me.

Okay onto the actually content of this post, before I ramble on too much about college.

I feel like I rarely document milestones for my blog in the online world or off. I even passed my two year blogaversairy in August with out too much of a fuss. Believe or not I'm not that much of someone who celebrates events. Like even on my birthday I kind of don't feel much of the hype as I used too, and would rather stay in watching movies (company or not) than throw a big party.

However I felt like I should at least document (well mostly for myself) reaching my 100th post on here, as it does mean something quite big to me even if it's small compared to others.

I don't know if I've said this before but I'm very much someone who gets bored of hobbies quite easily. Most I give up with in a year or so, cricket and majorettes being two. So seeing I've been able to write one hundred posts seems a miracle to me.

It might have taken two years but I made it ahha.

See 100 blog posts seems more of milestone to me that 2 years since I started this blog, mainly because though it might have been 2 years I could have still (and pretty much did) leave this blog for a good couple of months, so really it feels like I haven't been blogging that much. I've only felt like I can actual call myself a blogger this last year. However one hundred posts proves to myself with the statistics and all that I have been able to create and produce one hundred different posts through out this time. 100 is a pretty big number.

So anyway I kind of have nothing much to write on this post, maybe for future milestones I'll be able to do something more for you guys who have supported me and stayed with me, but for now I'll just try to make content that you will enjoy and like to read.

If you did read to the end of this post hi! It's been practically a month for me with out any kind of blog related stuff going on. I hardly read anyone else's blog posts either. However I should be back know, but don't hold me to that okay, who know's what life will through at you. Anyway this has been a bit of a ramble of a post, so I think I'll sign off with asking how you guys are? Any other bloggers out there struggling to balance college and blogging, if you have any posts with tips leave the links below please ^_^