A Halloween Casual OOTD

It's time for the next installment to my Halloween series for this year, and this time it's an outfit post. Originally I was going to do a more cosplay like look like I did last year with the doll, however I wanted to do something a bit more me this year, so that's where the idea for a casual outfit for Halloween came from. To aim at all those people who don't want to get dressed up fancy for Halloween and would prefer to stay inside and watch movies.

I don't really have many Halloween pieces of clothing in my wardrobe (like I don't really have anything for Christmas either) apart from this ghost top, that I've had since something like year 9. So with the top being the most Halloween-y item in my collection, I decided to make it the key point to this OOTD.

I then didn't really know what to pair with the top, a pair of jeans, a skater skirt. However I felt like I used these items quite a lot and wanted to do something different, that's why I chose these dungarees. Not only are they super comfy for a casual day at home but they also make me feel like such a kid. And for Halloween being a holiday - well at least for me - that was way more exciting as a kid, it seems to fit. I also wore the shorts lower than they were probably intended for, mainly due to wanting to have the ghost picture on show, but also that the look felt far more relaxed than when the dungarees are tied up fully.

Finally though I added shoes to this outfit, I most likely wouldn't wear them if I was to wear this since I would probably be wearing it inside, but I had to wear shoes to take the photos outside since the floor was damp from it raining a while before.

So that's it for another Halloween installment. I guess this was kind of different kind of post for Halloween but nonetheless I hope you liked it. Knowing I won't actually wear this on October 31st since I have college that day, but hopefully during reading week some time I will be able to.

Though I'm not really doing anything for Halloween this year, why did it have to fall on a Monday, are you doing anything? My sisters got a party to go too, but I guess I'm not really a party person and neither are my friends so I'm going to stay home, study and watch a movie if I had time.

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