15 Things I Love About Autumn

Heyy everyone,

So I know this is probably such a common post for this time of year, but I'm still having a struggle getting back into blogging with all the other stress that is going on in my life. And though
I try to say I deal with stress well I really don't when it all gets too much. Anyway that's why I decided to write this post since it's one that I don't have to worry about photos as much as the outfit posts I have had planned; really why does lighting have to be so terrible this time of year.

  1. The red/orange colours that are everywhere.
  2. It being the start of scarf season.
  3. Tea! Because yes I am one of those people who doesn't like to drink it all year round.
  4. Being able to wear jumpers with out melting.
  5. As well as jeans, because I rarely wear outfits with out them.
  6. Being able to get out the fluffy blankets again.
  7. TV, because all the programs I like seem to come out now (such as Our Girl, Poldark and Victoria).
  8. Halloween! Expect another Halloween series like last year.
  9. Cooler days, well usually this year it seems to be exceptionally cold.
  10. It being the time of year I can get a new coat (some of which I mentioned in my Autumn Wishlist last week).
  11. All the music comebacks (might just be this year there's loads that I love, but honestly knowing BTS was coming out with a new album was the only thing that got me through September).
  12. Dark lipsticks, even if I haven't worn any yet. I don't actually own any at the moment, any recommendations?
  13. That it's the time of year to wear joggers again.
  14. That everything in store at the moment if the sort of colour palette I like for my wardrobe; it's so hard finding stuff I like during the summer.
  15. It's getting closer to Christmas!!!

So yes, though these last couple of months has rushed by so fast and been pretty stressful, there are definitely some things to be positive about. Do you agree with anything on this list? And is there anything you would add to it?

Okay so before I sign off I have one more thing to ask you guys. Since I write with out much of a niche, I wanted to ask what do you prefer to read? Like which of my posts do you enjoy reading the most? Hopefully your replies can help me organise all my blog post ideas, and become more organise in getting posts up in the near future.

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