A Halloween Past

It's time for the finally post of the Halloween series for this year, and I thought I would try something new out. By now I'm sure you've realised that my favourite type of posts are make-up or fashion ones, as those are what I write the most. However I thought today I would write a more personal post, and share some memories I have of past Halloweens.

Halloween Make-up Snapchat Filter

I'm sure this a pretty common make-up for this years Halloween along with Harley Quinn, but I still wanted to give it a go. Unlike most people who might try this they probably use actual face paint - which might have been a better idea - but I only used the make-up I had in my collection already. Kind of to give you the idea that you don't need to go buy expensive face paint to create a fun and cute look.

A Halloween Casual OOTD

It's time for the next installment to my Halloween series for this year, and this time it's an outfit post. Originally I was going to do a more cosplay like look like I did last year with the doll, however I wanted to do something a bit more me this year, so that's where the idea for a casual outfit for Halloween came from. To aim at all those people who don't want to get dressed up fancy for Halloween and would prefer to stay inside and watch movies.

Outfit Snaps | Autumn OOTD

Autumn OOTD

It's been a while since I last wrote and outfit snap post, all the way back in summer. Did the summer even happen? I've only been back at college a little over a month and it already feels like decades. Okay maybe that was a bit drastic, but with the amount of stuff I've had to do and deal with this half term I'm not surprised I haven't aged like 10 years or more. Despite it all I survived this half term, and though it started off shaky I'm slowly getting back on my feet. 

15 Things I Love About Autumn

Heyy everyone,

So I know this is probably such a common post for this time of year, but I'm still having a struggle getting back into blogging with all the other stress that is going on in my life. And though
I try to say I deal with stress well I really don't when it all gets too much. Anyway that's why I decided to write this post since it's one that I don't have to worry about photos as much as the outfit posts I have had planned; really why does lighting have to be so terrible this time of year.

Autumn Wishlist 2016

It's pretty typically by now for me to write wishlists for each season, but what can I say there is always a bunch of stuff that I would love to own but don't have the money to spare on buying them. But apart from this being a typically post it is actually pretty good at collecting all my ideas of what I would actually buy and what I just like the look of. Anyways I tried to write some kind of introduction but alas having these few weeks off has put me back to square one with writing them, so lets get into the post.