Summer Round-up

So at the beginning of the summer holidays I had this big plan of taking a photo everyday to then create a blog post out of at the end, as well as to document my summer. However that plan definitely failed. I kept it up for about the first two weeks, then it started to rain a lot and I really wasn't doing anything apart from watching Korean dramas that I had been saving to watch once exams had finished. Though I did still get some pictures, mainly from my holiday in Wales. So I thought instead I could just give a round-up to my summer to conclude everything before college starts back in a week. I have no idea if you guys enjoy mainly picture posts as I've never really done anything like this before, but I hope you enjoy the photos and myself trying to learn new things about my camera as I go.

Honestly for the first couple of weeks I didn't really get out the house much. My sisters were still at school so we didn't have any family outings yet. So I spent most of my time working on my blog layout and thinking how I want to improve it, as well as spending quite a bit of time in the back garden taking photos of the planes since it was around airshow time and trying to work on different functions on my camera. These are the best out of the hundreds I took ^_^.

However I did go look round quite a few universities during this time as well. I didn't look round too many, but still by the end they all started looking the same. I don't know how to feel about uni yet, though I do know I want to go. It's just very daunting and I still feel like a little kid really.

Next up is the big part of my summer holidays being our trip to North Wales. Though it consisted of a lot of walking and geocaching (being it the geocaching mega) I did get some opportunities to take some photos, though definitely on the days where the walking was a little lighter - my camera is pretty heavy. This is actually just one day out of the week visit but it was the day I took the most photos. The flowers were so pretty and I was so thankful for the lighting that I didn't need to edit any of them.

I was trying to bunch these photos into little groups so I could write after each of them about them because I know there must be some of my readers who prefer blog posts with more writing than pictures, however this one kind of doesn't fit in to any. On this day we visited the waterfall in the photo (I only have one photo since the rest have my family in them and I don't think they want to be posted on the internet) and it was so gorgeous. I study A-Level geography so I went completely geography nerd while I was there as I did the rest of the trip when we went up into the mountains. 

I should probably point out before I say any more that these photos are from my dad's phone so I shall give him all the credit. On this day we climbed up Mt.Snowdon! And though I ached so much and was clinging onto my dad due to that, I did make it to the top. Actually the second photo I think was proof that I was walking super slow on the way down, it's not like I'm afraid of heights - I actually quite enjoy them -  I just had really numb legs on the way down. I don't walk awfully a lot, and my sisters were pretty much running down, so not matter how fast I tried to walk I always seemed slow against them. Anyway once the clouds had parted the view was stunning and I'm sad I couldn't photograph it but I don't think I would have been able to make it to the top if I had had the extra weight of my camera on my back.

And that was pretty much my Summer rounded up. After our holiday to Wales I didn't really get to do much else apart from complete an online physics course, summer homework, Korean drama watching and blogging. Oh and I did meet up with one of my friends, I was determined to socialise some what over this summer.

What has been your highlight of your summer holidays? Did you go anywhere nice?