What's In My Holiday Make-up Bag

I don't think I've done a post like this for quite some time now, but since I'll be going on holiday soon, as I'm sure many people are going to or have already gone, I thought it would be as good enough time as any to do this post.

I was actually trying to keep this make-up bag light since I don't want to spend a long time doing my make-up while on holiday as I'm sure goes the same for many other people as well, but somehow it seems my make-up bag is full to the top. Either I've packed too much or my make-up bag is smaller than my past ones.

First up out of the make-up bag, which I actually got free from one of Superdrugs 3 for 2 offers, is my Missha Cushion Foundation (which I did a review for here). I don't want to have heavy foundation on while I'm on holiday and this cushion is definitely one to fit the job. To help with the coverage I also have my Rimmel concealer, since the cushion doesn't have overly high coverage. I quite often if I'm feeling lazy will only go out with concealer on, making it probably the most used thing in my make-up bag. I also have a L'OREAL matte powder, I can't really go anywhere with out powder, particularity through the summer, with skin as shiny as mine. The final of the base face make-up is a primer, that being the Porefessional by benefit. I don't really wear primer awfully that often, but it goes pretty well with the cushion foundation at not making me look too shiny (which the cushion can be good at).

For eyes I only chose one palette that being the Revolution redemption palette iconic 1, which has become a favourite of mine recently, with colours that I can use for day and night looks. To go with that I have my two collection eye liners, one being liquid and the other a felt tip. I don't normally take two eyeliners, but since the liquid though takes longer to put on is waterproof, and the opposite for both points for the felt tip, depending on what I'm doing that day will depend on the eyeliner I decide to use. Can't have too many eyeliners right? And as always I have my rollar lash mascara, I honestly don't know what I'll do once this tube is finished it makes my lashes look amazing, and I could totally wear it on its own if I couldn't be asked with the rest of my make-up on some days.

Finally I have my lip products being the benefit benetint and baby lips lipbalm. I thought it would be best to keep the lip make-up simple while on holiday, since I don't want to be worrying that a lipstick has smudged everywhere or something. As well as my eyebrow powder which has become a staple in my everyday make-up looks, and I find makes a look look that much better.

Now I just hope I actually have time to do my make-up in the mornings since we're the sort of people to get up early to get loads done in a day. Do you have anything similar in your holiday make-up bags? What is you staple piece of make-up while away?

Oh and if you want a review on any of these products mentioned just let me know.